Take part in the Public Sector Equalities Duty engagement

The Equality Act 2010 requires all public bodies (such as councils and the health service) to publish equality outcomes at least every four years. Equality outcomes aim to achieve specific and identifiable improvements in people’s life chances, eliminate discrimination and foster good relations.

Working in partnership – East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership, Edinburgh, West Lothian and Midlothian Councils (including their education authorities and Midlothian’s licensing board), NHS Lothian and Midlothian Health and Social Care Partnership have developed a set of draft equality themes and outcomes. These are based on research and evidence from different sources and on conversations with services and organisations that work to help and support people.

Each organisation will ultimately be responsible for their own outcomes and action plan. However, we hope to identify common outcomes that we can work on together. There may also be opportunities for us to work towards the same equality theme but focus on different actions to achieve it, depending on our differing remits, geographies, resources and your feedback. 

We want people with a variety of life and personal experiences to share their thoughts on the draft themes and outcomes. Your views will help shape and influence the development of the final outcomes and help us to agree actions that can make a difference to people’s lives.

Please help us get the word out

We need to hear from as many people as possible, so please give us your views and share with the groups that you work with. If you would like to use Facebook to share, you will find the necessary post at https://www.facebook.com/ELHSCP

Please give us your views

DWP Senior Safeguarding Leaders

From Clare Murray, Senior Safeguarding Leader, DWP

I would like to introduce myself as DWP’s Senior Safeguarding Leader for East Lothian.

DWP has recently created a central team within its Customer Experience Directorate to focus on strategically supporting our most vulnerable customers. This includes appointing 25 new Senior Safeguarding Leaders. Our role is to provide coverage across Great Britain to ensure claimants in all areas are supported, whilst also building local relationships with partners in our own regions.

My role as Senior Safeguarding Leader for East Lothian is integral to DWP’s reach across communities, to underpin strong relationships with other organisations that can provide support for our customers. Whilst DWP does not have a statutory duty of care, we recognise the positive impact a joined-up approach to safeguarding can have where there are concerns for the wellbeing of a person who is claiming benefits or using DWP services. The Department is working to better understand how we can provide greater support for our most vulnerable customers, across all product lines and services.

As a Senior Safeguarding Leader, my responsibilities include:

  • Representing DWP at Local Authority Safeguarding Adult Reviews in East Lothian, in order to take account of any individual customer’s experiences during their DWP claimant journey.
  • Providing support, guidance and coaching to DWP colleagues in my area, enabling us to deliver a consistent service for customers who require additional support across all product lines.
  • Actively participating in multi-agency boards and working with local agencies to ensure all stakeholders are clear about DWP’s role and accountabilities and how we support vulnerable customers.

The Department is keen to continue to learn from partner organisations, and I would welcome the opportunity to examine and discuss how we can work collaboratively with East Lothian’s Health & Social Care team to support our most vulnerable customers.

If you could provide me with the name and contact details of the most appropriate person with whom to discuss these matters, I would greatly appreciate it. Alternatively, please share my details and invite them to get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Clare Murray

Senior Safeguarding Leader

Clare Murray
Department for Work and Pensions
Heron House
Tel: 07392199941

Support in difficult times for Health and Social Services Staff

Many things have changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and staff wellbeing is now more important than ever as we prepare for the second wave of the pandemic and its impact on services. Scotland’s National Wellbeing Hub www.promis.scot  offers advice and support to enable health and social services staff, wherever they work, to cope with the psychological challenges such as anxiety, fatigue, poor sleep. Within the Hub there are lots of information, resources and activities to promote positive wellbeing and provide practical advice and tips on how to look after yourself.

A chance to learn more

You are invited to attend a web session to learn more about resources on the Hub especially an  App programme called Feeling Good, which focusses on building personal resilience to cope with stress, anxiety, low mood. The sessions will be held online on 2nd December at 4 pm and repeated at 7 pm.  Theywill be run by Dr Alastair Dobbin and Sheila Ross who developed Feeling Good. If you would like to attend one of these sessions please click the relevant links below:

To attend the session on 2nd December 2020 at 3 pm register via the link below:


To attend the session on 2nd December 2020 at 7 pm register via the link below:


Further webinars sessions on sleep and anxiety will be run in due course.

Choose OT

This week is National Occupational Therapy Week 2020 and it’s focus is on encouraging more people to join the profession.

As part of our celebrations we’ll be featuring some quotes from our team about what being an OT means to them.

Here are a couple to get you started.

‘I love being an occupational therapist because I get to be a creative problem solver every day; every day is new and every day is a school day.’

I love being an occupational therapist because you get to work alongside the patient for them to achieve whatever it is that is purposeful and meaningful to them therefore making each experience with your patient unique.

Find out more about becoming an OT at https://chooseot.co.uk/