Corporate Parenting training

There will be three sessions taking place via Microsoft Teams on Wednesday the 20th of January 2021, Thursday 18th of February 2021 and Friday 12th of March 2021 all at 10 am. The sessions will conclude by 1pm at the latest.

Participants will engage in an interactive session exploring how to be the best Corporate Parents they can be. We will explore the current landscape and outcomes for Care Experienced people; what this journey can look and feel like; discuss a variety of Corporate Parenting plans, and how you can play a key part in realising Scotland’s ambition for young people:

  • That they all grow up loved, safe, and respected in order to realise their potential
  • To listen to the voice/s of Care Experienced people and what they need from your Corporate Parenting leadership Identify key areas to improve Corporate Parenting and collaboration with Care Experienced People
  • Discuss how you can implement The Promise within in your organisation

Any questions email:

Click on one of the links below to book into the session of your choice:

Aged 60-64? Make sure you get your free flu jab

People aged 60-64 in East Lothian should be getting a letter this week inviting them to ge a free flu jab.

Why you should get your free flu jab if you are aged between 60 and 64

The free flu vaccine has now been extended to everyone aged 60–64 in Scotland to help protect them against influenza (the flu virus). NHS Scotland strongly recommends you get your flu vaccine this year. This is for three reasons:

  • Flu can be serious and life threatening. Every year thousands of people in Scotland are hospitalised because of flu.
  • To reduce the risk of you spreading flu to friends and family.
  • To help the NHS avoid the pressure that a spike in seasonal flu would put on top of COVID-19.

Is it safe to go to my flu vaccine appointment?

  • Getting your flu vaccine is one of the most important reasons for leaving your home.
  • The risk of getting seriously ill with the flu virus is greater than the risk of going to get your vaccine.
  • During vaccination, strict infection prevention and control measures will be in place.
  • Please wear a face covering while travelling to and from and during your appointment, and remember to wash your hands regularly.

In the 18-64 at-risk group and missed getting your flu jab last month?

You can come along to one of our drop-in clinics this month and make sure that you are protected this winter.

For more information about how to get your free flu jab, visit