Celebrating communities

How communities across East Lothian (and beyond) worked together during lockdown so everyone got help and knew they mattered and were not alone…

From Sue Northrop

Here is a quick update about the first Celebrating Communities conversation.   I thought you might welcome a short update. You are very welcome to join in any future conversation and any workshops or events that happen.  And to chip in.

We will be spreading the news more widely as we get up and running and you know how to contact us.

What happened

Thirty-nine people joined the conversation and around another 10 people were keen to be involved but unable to join us this time.  After we’d met each other and said hello (much easier with a cup of coffee and cake in the real world!), we talked in small groups, sharing ideas and projects that inspired us and what we think needs to happen next.  We brought those conversations together and compared notes. You can see what came up with in the updated slides – click on the links below to see..  We’ll circulate the recording when we’ve had time to edit it a bit – we are learning!! 

When we next meet again…

We agreed to meet again and that we’ll have a fortnightly Thursday morning drop ins and look at sessions at other times.  No commitments required, there are only opportunities. 

The second conversation will be on Thursday January 28th 10.30 am on Zoom. Everyone is welcome.  If anyone wants to suggest or even better offer (!) a topic/theme/workshop for 28/1 or anything else you think folks will be interested in, please let us know.

Register in advance for this meeting


Getting to know each other a bit better

We’ve done a very short Survey Monkey to find out what we each bring to and what we’d like to get out of our collaborations, plus a chance to share website and social media contacts. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NP5WTKM

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