East Lothian Community Hospital Cycle-path and Walkway

Your chance to get involved in the plans for the new East Lothian Community Hospital cycle-path and walkway

East Lothian Community Hospital is launching the public engagement for the next phase in the development of a cycle-path and walkway around the perimeter of the hospital grounds. This builds on the engagement work undertaken in 2019, before the pandemic.

Miriam Anderson, Senior Capital Planning Manager with NHS Lothian, and the project team leader says:

‘This is such an exciting project. We have been working closely with our partners at East Lothian Council and Sustrans to develop a pathway that can be used by cyclists and walkers around the hospital’s landscaped grounds. It will be used by patients to improve their mobility and wellbeing and staff will want to use it during their breaks too.

‘The information that we got from the first stage of the engagement over a year ago has been fed into our plans. We are so grateful to all the people who got back to us with their experiences and ideas. We hope they will continue to be involved throughout the life of this project.

‘We are now at the point of being able to share some draft architect’s plans and we’d really like people (walkers, runners, cyclists and community groups) to give their comments and ideas. We also hope that some members of the public will join our project team during the life of this project.

‘Once all parties agree and final comments are received, this will be submitted to Sustrans for funding for the construction of the cycle-path and walkway.

‘There is still a bit to go before full funding can be confirmed. However if it does, this would offer a fantastic connection to the hospital for the public and enable a continued growth in sustainable connections.’

If you want to find out more about the plans, we’d like you to attend one of our two Microsoft Teams online events.

Find out more by downloading:

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