Big thanks to the Filling Station for making International Nurses Day 2021 a day to remember

As you know, yesterday (12 May) was International Nurses Day and Lorraine Cowan, Tracy Leishman and Fiona Gallagher from the senior nursing team at East Lothian Community Hospital were keen to do something to mark the occasion this year of all years.

And it seemed that a scone for all would very much be in order.

Fiona phoned The Filing Station in Prestonpans to see if they could fulfil an order for 500 scones. Filling Station manager Carolyn came back quickly to say that they would be delighted and that they would do a special rate for scones with clotted cream and jam. However, when Fiona turned up at the Filling Station she was told that the scones would be free, and that the Filling Station would deliver them in their van to East Lothian Community Hospital for onward distribution. This was extremely fortunate, as Fiona could quickly see that her car would be far too small.

Fiona said:

‘It was so kind.

‘The logistics were huge but scones went to Belhaven and the Edington, and District Nurses and Health Visitors across East Lothian. They also went to all the wards in East Lothian Community Hospital, the Mental Health Teams, the Midwives, the Hospital@Home Team, the Vaccination Team, the Hospital 2 Home Team, the Community Treatment and Access Service (CTACS), Site and Capacity, the Care Home Team, the Palliative Care Team and the Endoscopy Team. A large number also went to Musselburgh Primary Care Centre for Care When It Counts, CTACS and all the other nursing teams there. ‘I think I got everybody – we really tried to unite every nurse in our teams across the county with their scone.

‘I can’t thank Carolyn and everyone at the Filling Station enough for making this an International Nurses Day to remember.’

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