Vaccination team and resource centre work together to support people with learning disabilities

Port Seton Resource Centre

Vaccination centres can be a bit overwhelming for some people with learning disabilities. ELHSCP’s vaccination team have been working with staff at Tynebank and Port Seton Resource centres to try to make the process as un-scary as possible. They have been able to hold two clinics so far, one in Tynebank and one in Port Seton. And it wasn’t just centre users who attended but also people referred from service providers and GPs.

Shannon Leslie, Programme Manager, Adult Community, said:

‘Vaccination centres, quite rightly, operate in a clinical environment but it’s one that can be very stressful for people with learning disabilities. Our learning disability support staff and ELHSCP’s vaccination team recognised this and developed this programme to deliver vaccinations safely in much more homely settings.

‘People may still find the uniforms and the process a bit scary to start with, but we have managed to mitigate this by having music, iPads for playing games and we have even sung to people personally when we didn’t have their favourite music to hand. This has worked really well and we managed to vaccinate everyone who came.

‘I think it’s a really great example of integrated working that puts the person first and works with them to make a difficult experience much more manageable.’

She added:

‘A further benefit of this approach is that we have made contact with new people, previously unknown to learning disabilities staff. This will let us put them in touch with advice and support that they might have been missing out on.

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