Huntington’s disease: an enabling approach to supporting families

From Scottish Huntington’s Association

Applications are now open for learners from across Scotland, the UK and around the world for 2021 entry to a pioneering undergraduate module created in partnership with families impacted by Huntington’s disease.  

Delivered by University of Stirling in collaboration with Scottish Huntington’s Association, ‘Huntington’s disease: an enabling approach to supporting families’ is of particular interest to health and social care professionals who work with clients from the HD community, including carers and young people growing up in HD families. 

Learners will draw on current global research and practice in the field in order to provide improved care and support to people impacted by HD. The module begins on 13 September 2021 with a virtual one-day session, followed by 14 weeks of online learning and study. All learning will be delivered online and can be accessed at times to suit individual learners.

Course fees are £675 and the SCQF level 10 module carries 20 credits. To find out more, visit or email 

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