The Local Third Sector Needs You – Can You Be Their Voice?


Delegate System Election Summer 2021

Volunteer Centre East Lothian (VCEL) operates a delegate system to co-ordinate representation of the third sector at strategic partnerships, groups and meetings. This system is managed by VCEL as the Third Sector Interface and operates on two levels.

Elected Delegates

Elected Delegates represent East Lothian’s third sector within the East Lothian Partnership and Health and Social Care Strategic Planning frameworks. Elections are undertaken in a two year cycle. An election of new delegates will be taking place in summer 2021. Voting is open to all organisations who register with VCEL.

Specialist Delegate Pool

VCEL also recruits a pool of delegates who can represent East Lothian’s third sector on strategic planning project teams, short life working groups and one off or specialist groups.

If you would like to know more about the role, need a representative to attend meetings or interested in becoming a delegate for the third sector in East Lothian please complete the Delegate Nomination Form.

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