A number of key services are coming closer to home for people in the North Berwick area

Update on services available from the Edington from Monday

Following the temporary relocation of nursing staff from the Edington Hospital, North Berwick to East Lothian Community Hospital to help us address pressures relating to the pandemic, the Edington will bring other services closer to home for people in the eastern part of the county.

From Monday 20th September, the Edington will provide a base for:

  • An expanded Community Treatment and Access Service (CTACS)
  • Enhanced MSK and physio services
  • A local appointment-only base for Flu and Covid vaccinations

CTACS is a new way of receiving care which we launched across East Lothian last year. It’s a nurse-led service that helps ensure that people aged 18+ can see the right person in the right place at the right time. It offers ear irrigation, pre-chemo bloods, removal of sutures/staples after operations or injuries, wound care (including management of leg ulcers or wounds after surgery or injury), and B12 injections. It is open from 8.30am to 5pm – just phone 0131 446 4227 to make an appointment. This expands CTAC provision currently available in North Berwick.

We will also be offering musculoskeletal (MSK) physiotherapy. Anyone 18+ can access this service by phoning 0300 3 690 680 between 9am and 11.30am, Monday to Friday. After an initial screening call, people will be offered a one-to-one assessment with a physio, expert support and advice, and further interventions as required. 

Our physio team will be running a physiotherapy pain management clinic too, which provides one-to-one rehabilitation sessions with an exercise professional for variety of complaints including MSK, falls and neurological conditions. These clinics were previously only delivered at the Astley Ainslie and East Lothian Community Hospital. Access to this is by GP referral.

We are also working with the North Berwick GP practice to refer people to our Exercise Fundamentals programme. “Exercise Fundamentals is a remotely provided low level class using online content supported by regular telephone contact”.

Last but not least, the Edington will host appointment-only Flu and Covid vaccination clinics.

ELHSCP Operations Manager Iain Gorman says:

‘We want to make sure that the community gets the best out of the Edington while the temporary relocation is in force so we are expanding the services that people can access locally and bringing a range of key services closer to home. These do depend on telephone assessment or GP referral, which is very important in the current climate.

‘Right across Scotland, the way urgent care is delivered is changing. There is a move away from the drop-in model to one which helps people to access the right help from the right professional at the right time. In line with this national policy, I’d like to ask people to please first call 111 if they need urgent care when it is not life threatening. This ensures people get the right care and enables appointments to be scheduled to reduce contact in our waiting rooms. In a life threatening emergency, always call 999.’