YWCA Scotland and SWA launch of a new survey

YWCA Scotland and SWA have announced the launch of a new survey to investigate young women’s perceptions and understanding of domestic abuse and existing support services.

This survey is open to girls and women living in Scotland (aged 12 – 25), until 5th October 2021 and can be accessed here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/youngwomenrise
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The survey was developed by Young Women Rise, a research and digital campaign group led by 10 young women from across Scotland supported by SWA and YWCA Scotland. This group have come together to research young women’s experiences of unhealthy relationships, domestic abuse and access to support. This survey will gather data on young women’s perceptions, awareness and understanding about domestic abuse, unhealthy relationships and existing support structures.

The data will help Scottish Women’s Aid better understand young women’s experiences and support needs. The survey will be followed by focus groups later this year.