Staff wellbeing survey update

In response to comments received (thank you), we have updated the survey, so please try to find a few minutes to fill it in.

New improved survey!

The wellbeing of staff has never been closer in all our minds and it is important to the Staff Wellbeing Committee that we understand your needs and what matters to you. By answering the questions in the attached questionnaire, you will be helping us to deliver meaningful changes.

All answers will be kept confidential, and no single answer will be attributed to an individual in public or private correspondence following this survey.

The  East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership  are supporting this survey and to further support they have provided four gift  vouchers, each of £100 value, as prizes in a draw of everyone who takes part. If you would like to be included in the draw select the choice at the end of the questionnaire and provide an email contact address.

Your answers to these questions will not be linked to the email address given or generated by completing this survey electronically.