The Exceptional Gift

Living kidney donation remains an important part of the package of measures to increase donation and transplantation rates since the introduction of opt out legislation in Scotland.

Over 1,500 people in Scotland have helped others by donating a kidney, since the first pioneering surgery took place in Edinburgh over 60 years ago. A kidney from a living donor generally offers the best outcomes for patients living with kidney failure who need a transplant. However, with over 400 people in Scotland waiting for a kidney transplant at any one time, continued awareness is needed. There are two types of living kidney donation:

  • Directed donation – from a person who is close to the person in need of a kidney, such as a family member, partner or a good friend.
  • Non-directed altruistic donation – from people who don’t know the person needing a transplant, but who wish to give one of their kidneys (anonymously) to someone on the kidney transplant waiting list in order to help improve their life.

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