Housing, Health and Place engagement

Many of you will have received an email around a week or so ago, around our plans to consult on the Local Housing Strategy 2023-28. Since then, we have taken the decision along with colleagues to expand the consultation workshops to include opportunities to feed into other relevant strategic plans such as East Lothian IJB Strategic Plan and the Local Development Plan.

Getting housing ‘right’ is about much more than bricks and mortar or developing high numbers of good quality affordable homes. It’s about supporting place-making to ensure new housebuilding fosters good community relations and promotes positive health impacts. It’s about improving existing stock to reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty, and it’s also about ensuring that households are supported to thrive in their homes, regardless of disability or limitations they might face. This is why East Lothian Council and EL Health and Social Care Partnership are working together to seek views on three key strategic plans which will shape East Lothian over the next 3-10 years.

The workshop dates and times will remain the same, as set out below. The only difference is that within each workshop you’ll have the opportunity to attend two different break rooms.

These workshops are being shared with H&SCP, ELC staff as well we as our third sector partners and wider providers. Please feel free to share with other professional stakeholders who you think might be interested.

If you’d like to sign up to attend, please email lhs@eastlothian.gov.uk . For organisations who don’t feel that they ‘fit’ into a theme, we will be holding a more general ‘inequalities & housing’ workshop which is also listed below.  

04/04/20222-4pmInequalities & Housing
06/04/20222-4pmChildren & Young People
08/04/20229.30-11.30amEthnic Minorities (including Gypsy/Travellers), asylum seekers & refugees
11/04/20222-4pmLearning Disabilities & Autism
13/04/20222-4pmViolence Against Women & Girls
19/04/20222-4pmOlder People
25/04/202210-12Substance Misuse
27/04/202210-12Mental Health

Please share this invite widely with colleagues if you can.

Downloadable version of info and invite here