Big Bike Festival!

21 March 2020, Ross High School Car Park, Tranent
From 10am-12 noon

Cycling – the ultimate low impact exercise. Builds strength and stamina, promotes good mental health and keeps the weight down. Cycling is the best feel-good exercise! Get ready to get back on your wheels this month at the Big Bike Festival!

Involving carers in discharge planning

Health and Social Care Scotland has introduced a practical guide for health and social care practitioners involved in discharge planning from hospital

It says that carers should be treated as equal partners in the care of those they care for. They can play a significant role in helping people with health and social care needs return home after a hospital admission. They know the people that they care for better than anyone else and can provide information about the person’s needs and circumstances beyond medical conditions or physical needs. This means discharge planning can be more comprehensive and may reduce the likelihood of the person being readmitted to hospital.

If care is planned without the input of the carer, an opportunity has been lost. Therefore, engagement and co-operation with carers is an essential part of good patient care. If you would like to ready the full document, you can find it here –

You might also find this video interesting –

Gender Based Violence and Learning Disability Workshop

20th February 2020
14.00- 16:30
Esk Room 2
Brunton Hall

Image from the national Sexual Harm campaign

This workshop is to raise awareness of the Intersection between Gender Based Violence and adults aged 16yrs+ with Learning Disabilities. EMPPO are holding this workshop in support of Adult Support and Protection Day and 1 Billion Rising to end Violence Against Women and Girls. The workshop will include a number of presentations from specialists in this field, including Kevin Campbell, Senior Health Improvement Officer, NHS Scotland who will speak to the forthcoming Gender Based Violence and Learning Disability Guidance for practitioners.

Booking a place

To book a place, please e-mail with the information below

  • Training course (name & date)
  • Participant’s full name
  • Job Title
  • Service/Team
  • Organisation/Agency Name
  • Email address
  • Line Manager full name & e-mail address

The NHS Scotland Management Training Scheme

Would you like to make a difference?

Would you like to be part of something bigger?

The NHS Scotland Management Training Scheme puts trainees on the road to developing the skills and confidence to lead the NHS in Scotland through its transformation into an ever more efficient, successful and professional service.

Could it be a new move for you, or someone you know? Apply now!

  • And ignore the myths – we’ve heard a few!
  • “I need to be a recent graduate” Not true! There is no graduation time limit.
  • “I need to be a young graduate” Not true! There is no applicant age limit.
  • “I need to have a medical qualification” Not true! You need a 2:2 in any subject.
  • “I can only apply once” Not true! Some of our trainees made several attempts before they were successful; we salute their grit and determination.

So…what’s stopping you?

You need at least a 2:2 (in any subject), and the passion, energy, commitment and confidence to lead in the NHS in Scotland. This year, there are six posts: four in General Management and two in Finance Management.

General Management Trainees

You’ll work across a range of Health and Care services in your host Board and across Scotland, as well as gaining an introduction to the role of general managers across the service. You’ll work in a real management post giving you an opportunity to build your knowledge and skills in this complex environment. You’ll get the chance to work and learn alongside some of NHS Scotland’s top leaders and clinicians. You’ll also gain a fully funded masters level qualification.

Apply now!

Finance Trainees

You’ll experience a range of Health and Care services in your host Board and across Scotland, as well as gaining an introduction to the role of financial managers across the service. You’ll work in a real financial management post giving you an opportunity to build your knowledge and skills in this complex financial environment. You’ll get the chance to work and learn alongside some of NHS Scotland’s top leaders and clinicians. You’ll also gain a fully funded CIPFA qualification.

Apply now!

Still not sure? Have a listen to one of our 2019 trainees, Rachel Tardito, talking about why she selected the Scheme.

The Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland wants to hear from you!

The Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland has today launched a stakeholder survey seeking feedback on our roles and our work. The aim of the survey is to gather the views of people who have been in touch with the Commission, either on a personal or professional basis.  We are looking to find out how well each of our roles and responsibilities is understood, and to hear about how well you think we are doing.

This survey is being conducted by Wellside Research Ltd., an independent research company based in Scotland. All responses are anonymous and will be treated as confidential. Wellside Research will not share individual responses with the Mental Welfare Commission. The survey will take around 15-20 minutes to complete and is available here

The survey also contains information about a stakeholder event we are holding on 10 March so that we can get more detailed views about people’s experiences of the Commission. The event has limited places, so if you would be interested in taking part, please contact Elaine Wilson-Smith from Wellside Research, by phone on 0131 677 5522 or by email at

Please contact Elaine if you have any questions on the survey itself, too. We invite anyone who has been in contact with us, whether on a regular basis or as a one-off contact, to take part and give us their views. And please do circulate it amongst your networks.

The survey closes at 5pm on 25 February 2020.

A Message to all NHS Lothian Staff from Tim Davison, Chief Executive

Dear Colleagues

I want to let you know that later today I will be announcing my intention to retire in the summer after a career in the NHS that has spanned 37 years, 26 of those at Chief Executive level.

It has been a huge privilege to have played my part in the leadership of one of Scotland’s best loved public services and to complete my career with 8 years at the helm of the NHS Board serving Scotland’s capital city and the surrounding Lothians. I am looking forward now to having time to pursue my many outside interests and to handing the baton of responsibility over to my successor to take NHS Lothian forward into the new decade.

I would like to thank my board, my leadership team and everyone in NHS Lothian for your  unfailing support in what many recognise is a pretty demanding and often unforgiving role. I wish you all future success and happiness’.

With very best wishes,

Tim Davison

New phone number for Harbours Medical Practice

Now, when you phone the Harbours Medical Practice, you will be given options to direct you to the most appropriate help.

This should mean more appointments and less waiting time to see a GP.

Patients ringing the surgery may be directed to a team of Advanced Nurse Practitioners and Mental Health Specialists.

Some patients may be seen at Musselburgh Primary Care Centre.

Routine and Nurse appointments should be more available.

You can find more information at

New East Lothian Council Chief Executive start date

Monica Patterson’s appointment as the new Chief Executive of East Lothian Council will take effect from Monday, 3 February.

It was announced in December that Monica, currently Depute Chief Executive (Partnerships and Community Services), was the preferred candidate to succeed Angela Leitch, who left the council in November.

Meanwhile Alex McCrorie, who replaced Angela Leitch as Chief Executive on an interim basis, will resume his substantive role as Depute Chief Executive (Resources and People Services) from 3 February until his retirement on 30 April.

In resuming his substantive post, Alex will also – following the recent departure of Fiona Robertson – provide leadership to Education and Children’s Services, supported by Chief Operating Officers Lesley Brown and Judith Tait. The process to appoint a successor to Fiona Robertson will be announced in due course.

Car Parking at the East Lothian Community Hospital

I’ve ben asked to share this letter from Lorraine Cowan, Brian Robb, Andrew Milne, Philp Galbraith, Councillor John McMillan and Thomas Miller. Here goes…

Dear Staff Member

FAO: ALL Grey Fleet &  Pool Car Drivers

FAO: ALL Staff who do not use private vehicles for Domiciliary Care

As you are aware our new hospital has now opened and over the next few months construction work including  demolishing the last remaining buildings will continue to allow the groundwork to progress creating additional parking and landscaping. 

The following describes the efforts being made to manage the limited car parking in order to maximise opportunities for patients, visitors and those staff that require to park onsite.

Within the North Car Park there will be approx 150 parking spaces inclusive of Disabled parking. These spaces will be for use only by patients, visitors and some staff.  

North Parking Bays – Staff Parking – 22 spaces, nearest to Alderston Road

Central Parking Bays – Staff Parking – 65 spaces

South Parking Bays– Patient & Visitor Only Parking  – 63 spaces

Disabled Parking – Area outside ELCH Entrance

Drop off area directly at the front of the Hospital entrance is not a parking area and must remain free at all times to allow uninterrupted operational use.

Please note that it is not be acceptable to park in the Visitor Parking area if any of the designated Staff areas identified above are full.  You would in this instance, require to park off site appropriately and while doing so please ensure the following notes are applied:

  • Drivers should be aware that you cannot park or wait on double yellow lines at any time.
  • You must not wait or park on single yellow lines at the times stated on corresponding signs.
  • Unless you are entitled to, you must not park in disabled parking spaces or resident parking spaces.
  • You must also not park, within 10 metres of a junction, over a dropped kerb and in front of an entrance to a property
  • It is very important that we respect our residential neighbours and remember, do not park in residential parking bays and ensure you park in a manner that will not obstruct footways, driveways or junctions.

Parking of All Grey Fleet  and Pool Vehicles

With immediate effect and only during the final construction stages at ELCH, all pool cars and grey fleet vehicles must be parked at the Herdmanflat Hospital site. 

This car park is monitored by security and is being retained specifically to relieve pressure of parking at the ELCH. 

This has been agreed with the executive management team and partnership colleagues.

The site management team understand the frustrations surrounding this matter and they continue to engage with the local community.

Both Morrison Construction and NHS Lothian teams have been in communication with local residents, East Lothian Council & Police Scotland and have made assurances that we will continue to monitor parking and will continue this until it is no longer required.

NHS Lothian regret any inconvenience caused to local residents and staff and would like to thank them for their on-going patience during this time.,

The new Community Hospital is a significant investment in East Lothian’s healthcare provision and we appreciate the continued support of the local community during this further construction phase.

Community Justice Self-Evaluation Review

Welcome to the first update from the Self Evaluation Leads Team working on the Self Evaluation & Validation process facilitated by the Care Inspectorate

The vision of Community Justice Scotland is that ‘Scotland is a safer, fairer and more inclusive nation’ where we:

Prevent and reduce further offending by addressing its underlying causes
Safely and effectively manage and support those who have committed offences to help them reintegrate into the community and realise their potential for the benefit of all citizens

The purpose of the Self-evaluation and Validation process is to build capacity among community justice partnerships to quality assure their own. We will work together and use the insights gained to plan and implement improvements. The improvements found in this process will be included in the 2020 Local Outcome Improvement Plan for East Lothian’s Community Justice Partnership. A key part of the process is to evidence the work we are doing collectively and collaboratively.

More information on the process can be found at the Care Inspectorate’s website

To take this work forward, a lead team has formed and they are:
– Community Justice Partnership Chair (Police Scotland)
– Community Justice Coordinator (East Lothian Council)
– Group Service Manager (East Lothian Health & Social Care Partnership)
– Planning & Performance Manager (East Lothian Council)  and
– Justice Service Manager (East Lothian Council)

The self-evaluation focuses on three Quality Indicators and these are:
– 6.2 Planning and delivering services in a collaborative way
– 8.1 Effective use and management of resources
– 9.2 Leadership of strategy and direction

We are using three key questions throughout this process:
– How good are we now?
– How do we know?
– How good can we be?

Key activities to date
The Community Justice Partnership have reached a number of milestones in the process and these include:
– Developing an approach to the self-evaluation & validation process
– A briefing from the Care Inspectorate
– A Q&A session from the Care Inspectorate with Community Justice Partners
– Questionnaires returned from Community Justice Partners
– A Self Evaluation Development day with a wide range of stakeholders involved in community justice.


For more information, please email us at