ELTRP online Burns Night!

ELTRP will hold an ‘Online Burns Supper’ event on Thursday, 28th January 2021 at 6.30pm via Zoom.

This event has been organised to consult tenants and residents on East Lothian Council’s proposed Rent Increase.

Celebrating communities

How communities across East Lothian (and beyond) worked together during lockdown so everyone got help and knew they mattered and were not alone…

From Sue Northrop

Here is a quick update about the first Celebrating Communities conversation.   I thought you might welcome a short update. You are very welcome to join in any future conversation and any workshops or events that happen.  And to chip in.

We will be spreading the news more widely as we get up and running and you know how to contact us.

What happened

Thirty-nine people joined the conversation and around another 10 people were keen to be involved but unable to join us this time.  After we’d met each other and said hello (much easier with a cup of coffee and cake in the real world!), we talked in small groups, sharing ideas and projects that inspired us and what we think needs to happen next.  We brought those conversations together and compared notes. You can see what came up with in the updated slides – click on the links below to see..  We’ll circulate the recording when we’ve had time to edit it a bit – we are learning!! 

When we next meet again…

We agreed to meet again and that we’ll have a fortnightly Thursday morning drop ins and look at sessions at other times.  No commitments required, there are only opportunities. 

The second conversation will be on Thursday January 28th 10.30 am on Zoom. Everyone is welcome.  If anyone wants to suggest or even better offer (!) a topic/theme/workshop for 28/1 or anything else you think folks will be interested in, please let us know.

Register in advance for this meeting


Getting to know each other a bit better

We’ve done a very short Survey Monkey to find out what we each bring to and what we’d like to get out of our collaborations, plus a chance to share website and social media contacts. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NP5WTKM

Find out more about CAPS new Drug and Alcohol Advocacy Service

From Jane Crawford at CAPS


CAPS Independent Advocacy warmly invites you to a webinar to learn more about our new Drug & Alcohol Advocacy service.

The webinar will be held on Zoom on Wednesday 27th January, 2-3pm.

This short session would be of benefit to anyone working with people affected by drug or alcohol use who might be signposting people to advocacy in the future. There will be a presentation from the CAPS team about our new project. Come along and find out more about what independent advocacy is and how we can help.

There will also be a presentation from AdvoCard, another independent advocacy organisation who offer a similar service in Edinburgh. You will hear about their experiences and some examples from their work so far that illustrate the real difference that independent advocacy can make to people using drugs or alcohol.

There will also be opportunity to ask any questions you have to our presenters about independent advocacy.

The Zoom Link for the webinar is:

Meeting ID: 882 2947 0685
Passcode: 825225

Download the webinar leaflet here.

Please also let John Player know if you have any queries on john@capsadvocacy.org

We hope to see you there on the day!

Best wishes


Jane Crawford
Chief Executive Officer
CAPS Independent Advocacy
Old Stables
Eskmills Park
Station Road
EH21 7PQ
phone: 0131 273 5116

We are recruiting!

We have a range of careers moves on offer:

Places still available for corporate parenting training

Just a wee reminder that corporate parenting training planned for Jan, Feb and March this year. The training will be delivered by Who Cares? Scotland and the East Lothian Champions Board. This is multi-agency training so please share this with you teams and colleagues and encourage attendance. To book a space see the links and dates below.

Covid restrictions in Scotland tighten from Saturday

Key points from Nicola Sturgeon’s parliamentary statement on Wednesday 13 January 2021

The First Minister announced are six changes to current restrictions. The regulations giving effect to these will, subject to parliament’s approval, take effect on Saturday.

  • Availability and operation of click and collect retail services will be limited. Only retailers selling essential items will be allowed to offer click and collect. This will include, for example, clothes and footwear, baby equipment, homeware and books. All other click and collect services will stop. More importantly, for click and collect services that are allowed, staggered appointments will need to be offered to avoid any potential for queuing, and access inside premises for collection will not be permitted.
  • Secondly, we intend to apply restrictions to takeaway services. Customers will no longer be permitted to go inside to collect takeaway food or coffee. Any outlet wishing to offer takeaway will have to do so from a serving hatch or doorway. This reduces the risk of customers coming into contact indoors with each other, or with staff.
  • Thirdly, we intend to change the rules around consumption of alcohol. At the moment, different parts of Scotland have different laws in relation to the consumption of alcohol in outdoor public places. However, from Saturday, it will be against the law in all level 4 areas of Scotland to drink alcohol outdoors in public. This will mean, for example, that buying a takeaway pint and drinking it outdoors will not be permitted. This is intended to underline and support the fact that we should only be leaving home just now for essential purposes. That includes exercise or recreation but not simple socialising. And when you do leave the home, you should only meet one person from another household, in a group no bigger than two people. That includes exercise or recreation but not simple socialising. And when you do leave the home, you should only meet one person from another household, in a group no bigger than two people.
  • Fourthly, and significantly, we intend to strengthen the obligation on employers to allow their staff to work from home whenever possible. The law already says that we should only be leaving home to go to work if it is work that cannot be done from home. This is a legal obligation that falls on individuals. However we will now introduce statutory guidance to make clear to ensure that employers support employees to work from home wherever possible. For all employers, the basic but vital message is that if your staff were working from home during the first lockdown, they should be working from home now and you should be facilitating that.
  • Fifth, we will strengthen the provisions in relation to work inside people’s houses. We have already issued guidance to the effect that in level 4 areas work is only permitted within a private dwelling if it is essential for the upkeep, maintenance and functioning of the household. We will now put this guidance into law.
  • The final change is an amendment to the regulations requiring people to stay at home. However, this is intended to close an apparent loophole rather than change the spirit of the law. It will also bring the wording of the stay at home regulations in Scotland into line with the other UK nations. Right now, the law states that people can only leave home for an essential purpose. However, having left home for an essential purpose, someone could then stay out of their home to do something that is not essential without breaching the law as it stands. So the amendment will make it clear that people must not leave or remain outside the home unless it is for an essential purpose. This change will provide legal clarity to facilitate any necessary enforcement. This does not change the range of essential purposes that currently enable people to leave their house – nor does it, for example, put any time limit on how long you can be outdoors for essential exercise. But it does mean that if the police challenge you for being out of the house doing something that is not essential, it will not be a defence to say you initially left the house to do something that was essential.

Hello, how are you today?

We can’t do everything for everyone and even if we did have seven arms it wouldn’t be enough.  For everyone who is a parent, teacher or carer – you are doing an amazing job, you really are.  Even if sometimes it may not feel like that to you.  

For anyone who feels like they have to be octopus armed, we are only humans not magical super robots or an octopus.  Be kind to yourself in terms of your expectations. Humour helps as does managing your boundaries – see Further reading below.   

If we know others are struggling with juggling, we can ask how we can help or find a way to make their day a bit easier.  We can be realistic in our requests of others, acknowledging what they are managing at the moment and reminding them that we can’t do everything for everyone.

Further reading

Stepping Out ‘Photo a Day’ exhibition

Stepping Out has published their online Photo a Day exhibition, which documents connecting during lockdown between May and September 2020. People were invited to take photos of something they noticed, brought pleasure, lifted the heart, made them smile, surprised them or brought back memories. Have a look at the results at https://sites.google.com/…/photo-a-day-project/photo-a-day

Have a look – it will cheer your day up if you do !