Directions to East Lothian Council and NHS Lothian on Drug and Alcohol Services and Mental Health (Budget: 9,702K)

D15c – Mental Health Triage

NHS Lothian and East Lothian Council to improve access to mental health services, including reduction in how long people wait to access services and develop clearer referral pathways to access specialist support.

D15g – Primary Care Assertive Outreach

NHS Lothian to evaluate assertive outreach in primary care and ensure access to dedicated mental health and substance misuse professionals in community settings to maximise opportunities for treatment and recovery and improve the service offer across East Lothian.

D15h – Mental Health Action Plan Implementation

NHS Lothian and East Lothian Council to improve outcomes in relation to mental and emotional health and well-being for people in East Lothian through establishment and delivery of the East Lothian Mental Health Action Plan, including development of community based preventative and early intervention services, crisis support and longer term recovery in line with the Scottish National Mental Health Strategy.

D15i – Mental Health Housing Review

NHS Lothian and East Lothian Council to improve and enable recovery of people experiencing poor mental health through development and delivery of community based housing with access to appropriate support, review of Cameron Cottage and alternative models of service provision.

D15j – Post Diagnostic Dementia Support

NHS Lothian and East Lothian Council to improve care for people with dementia and their families, including:

  • delivery of the 5 pillar model of support to people diagnosed with dementia, and 
  • implementation of the Scottish Government ambition ‘Transforming Specialist Dementia Hospital Care’ through the transfer of resource to develop local dementia specialist care.

D15k – Centralised Alcohol Services Review

East Lothian Council and NHS Lothian to improve access to alcohol services through supporting East Lothian Health & Social Care Partnership to review and assess alternative local delivery of centralised alcohol services

D15l – Psychological Services Delegation

NHS Lothian to ensure East Lothian residents can access local provision of psychology services through the delegation of psychology services to East Lothian HSCP. 

D15m – Substance Misuse Services

East Lothian Council and NHS Lothian to tackle inequalities through the delivery of the Local Substance Misuse Plan and to improve access to Substance Misuse Services for people in East Lothian. This includes supporting East Lothian HSCP to ensure robust management and oversight of the Local Substance Misuse plan.