Directions to NHS Lothian and ELC on Reducing Use of Acute Services and Increasing Community Provision (Budget: 20,597K)

D11a – Emergency Admissions

NHS Lothian and its acute services to work with officers of the East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership and other HSCPs to review the provision of emergency assessment services in Lothian, with a view to streamlining this provision.

D11b – Occupied Bed Days

NHS Lothian to reduce the length of stay for all patients admitted following unscheduled admission. This is to be achieved by a reduction in delayed discharges, avoidable admission and inappropriately long stays in acute hospital and through the development of locally available community services and facilities

D11c – Delayed Discharge

NHS Lothian to delegate to the IJB the agreed budget for the Delayed Discharge Fund and working with East Lothian Council to continue to make progress towards delivery of delayed discharge targets and a reduction in occupied bed days, through the provision of alternatives to inpatient care

D11d – Palliative Care

NHS Lothian to work with the MCN for Palliative Care, hospital, community and third sector palliative care services to provide specialist assessment of patients in their own homes, care homes or community hospitals to maximise the delivery of patient-centred end of life care at home or in a homely setting.

D11e – AHP Resource

NHS Lothian to provide information on the numbers of AHPs and associated resources in acute settings and to work with East Lothian HSCP to plan for the redeployment of appropriate numbers of these AHPs and associated resources to community settings to avoid admission and to support discharge of East Lothian residents.