Directions to NHS Lothian on Hosted Services (Budget: 9,284K)

D04b – Phase 2 Royal Edinburgh

NHS Lothian to improve in-patient experience for East Lothian residents and ensure East Lothian HSCP has appropriate influence in development, decision-making and approval of a business case for phase 2 of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital Campus. The redevelopment should be based on the East Lothian bed numbers agreed by the IJB in April 2018. NHS Lothian to bring the business case to the IJB for agreement on bed numbers and financial model

D04c – Guide Communicator Service

NHS Lothian to ensure people in East Lothian with dual sensory impairment have appropriate access to the guide communicator service to improve their access to health services, and improve awareness of the service across third sector and health providers

D04d – Phase 3 Royal Edinburgh

NHS Lothian to ensure better care for physical health needs of East Lothian inpatients at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital campus by proceeding with the development of the business case for Phase 3 and the planning and delivery of integrated rehabilitation services. NHS Lothian to ensure East Lothian HSCP is involved in development, decision-making and approval of the business case.