Is your child eligible for free school meals, and if so, have you registered?
Schools receive additional funding of £1,200 from the Scottish Government for every pupil in P1 to S3 who is registered for free school meals. This is called Pupil Equity Funding, and schools use this additional money to help fund a wide range of initiatives to support achievement and provide the best possible opportunities for children’s learning.

How do I know if my child is eligible for free school meals?
Please visit our website to check your eligibility and download an application form.

Even if your child does not wish to take up the option of having a free school meal every day, we would encourage you to register so that your child’s school will receive the Pupil Equity Funding allowance to support their learning.

New School Twitter

We are very excited to introduce our new school Twitter account to you all!

You can find our Twitter account by simply clicking on this link:


Our latest tweets will also appear on the homepage of our school website.

Or alternatively you can search Athelstaneford4 on Twitter.

Don’t forget to ‘follow’ us!

The aim of this is to be able to share updates, photos, events and achievements of our pupils on a daily or weekly basis.

Many thanks,

Miss Millar

Pupil Parliament

Today we had our first pupil parliament  group meetings. Our pupil parliament is made up of five groups these are Eco, Rights respecting school, Media, Blogging and pupil council. We are the blogging group and are looking forward to sharing photos of these groups soon. By Isla.h Louisa.s Amy.m David.h Amber.d

Brunton Theatre Special Offer

The Brunton, Musselburgh
Special offer: Tickets £5 for ELC school children and parents / carers
Quote: Schools Little Gent offer, only when booking in person or by phone on 0131 665 2240.

Fri 22 Sep 6.30pm & Sat 23 Sep 3pm
Catherine Wheels Theatre Company

All the little Gentleman wants is a friend. A friend he can sit in the sun with and watch the birds. But nobody wants to be his friend, until one day he is woken up by a curious dog who just wants to play.
Recommended for everyone aged 4 and over, running time 50mins.

A rural Primary School in East Lothian with a Nursery Class, a P1/2 Class, a P2/3/4 Class & a P5/6/7 Class.