Our Racing Cars


Primary 1 and 2 had great fun making a short animation film about a racing car.  The whole school watched it, TWICE!!!  It took them half an hour to make the film and less that a minute to show it!!!  They are now working on group projects for animation and we are really looking forward to seeing the results.

8 Replies to “Our Racing Cars”

  1. I thought the P1/2s done absolutely terrific a big well done to them.Hope we they can do more for us to see or maybe the big ones.

  2. Just showed Mummy our Racing Cars film. She thought it was great. She can’t wait for our next one. Next stop The Oscars ?!

  3. Hi,

    We’ve just been watching your racing cars animation.

    It was short but nice. It was good for your first time. We’ve been doing a lot of animations as well.

    Bye for now,

    P3-8 (Mr Whiteside’s class with Mr Gilmour)

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