Nursery News

Today the Nursery told us that they were planning to go shopping at Somerfield in North Berwick. They reported they were going shopping because they needed to collect snacks to eat at their snack time. They also decided that they would go to the park after, if they had time, as a little reward.nursery.jpg

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  1. i liked the nursery news for North Berwick somerfeld news it was fabulous . Thank mrs taig very well done.

  2. I had a great time shopping for our snacks at Sommerfield with all my friends. Even better, Mummy came to help. The best bit was playing at the park afterwards and eating Jammie Dodgers.

  3. Our shopping trip went very well and the children all enjoyed going around the shop using their special lists with pictures showing them which items they had to buy.
    We even managed to go to the park and have our snack in the sunshine!
    Many thanks to the parents who helped us out.

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