P3/4 Personal Projects

P3/4 have been doing a personal project and have been allowed to choose whatever they want to learn about. Natasha’s is about dog agility, Emily’s is about nature, Samantha’s is about wild cats, Louie’s is about archery, Nicholas has been finding out about the Second World War, Cameron’s is about oceans, Niamh’s is about food, Angus is finding out about ancient Egypt, Chloe’s is about jewellery, Connor’s is about the human body, Rebecca’s is about drums, Monique’s is about predators, Joshua’s is about football, Lewis is finding out about Beamish, Rory’s is on Spain, Harry’s is about planets, Lauren is finding out about dogs and horses, Caitlin’s is about cats, Zoe is also finding out about wild cats and others, Amy is finding out about recycling and Ben’s is about Romans.

If you have any questions about these topics please let us know.

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  1. I really liked Camerons project because I never knew that there was so many whales in the ocean.

  2. My project was about beamish and I found that beamish has its own trams and a trollybus. I thought that most of us did pretty well but some of us could put a bit more in them. It would be good to do another personal project soon. Now I am doing a personal project about lighthouses and how they work.

  3. To p3/4 very good projects.Thank mrs lord for seting it all up but i thank all the p3/4 for it all very well done to all.

  4. I think Nicholas,s personal project.I think he did really well with it.but I think you could have read us a bit more of it.

  5. I really enjoyed my personal prodject bcause I never new as much about ancient egypt as I do now!!!!

  6. Hello, everyone in Primary 3/4.
    I hope you have learnt a great deal from completing your personal projects. I think this is a good example of extreme learning. How about sharing your learning in the weblog?

    keep up the good work

    Mr. G

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