PC Gunn came into talk to p3/4 and told us about vandalism.He told us that it affects everyone including the police,children, and adults.It affects the police because they have to sort it out. It affects children because they will feel sad if it’s badly damagedand it spoils their play. It affects adults because they have to pay their taxes and give it to the council.
If you see someone vandalising you would have to tell an adult who you know not a stranger.

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  1. come to gullanes primarys blog at http//
    and go to middle area and go to p3/4 and see whats happened in p3/4


  2. hi its travis our school (gullane primary school)had been broking in to and our veg pach had been vadlised and it was in august
    and it took a month to grow it but I did not know a lot it was p2/3 growed it theres a lot of peaple in the school just about 200

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