Snow Maths Thursday Home Learning – for all children nursery – p7!

Two feet of snow is how many centimetres?

Can you measure how deep the snow is where you live?  What can you use to measure its depth?



  1. First find a suitable place to measure, maybe an undisturbed flat surface that hasn’t been covered over by trees or too close to buildings.

  2. Next  measure and record the depth of the snow in cms. Input your measurement into the following google form  by clicking on this link : Snow Depth Google Form.

We’ll be using the results in class next week during maths.

I’ve added my measurement from Longniddry but if you click on the google map below you can see we need to get a lot more snowflakes on East Lothian UK Snow Depth Google Map

Ms Lewis

Here is Mrs Cameron’s measurement ……  this is on the top of my rabbits hutch.

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  1. My girls and I have just measured the snow on the top of our rabbits hutch – its measuring 39cm! Ms Lewis we can’t seem to enter in the google site, can you help? Mrs Cameron

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