Hello from Benmore

Hello from Benmore, very slow internet connection here but we’ll try our best! Children having a fantastic week packed with lots of wet, muddy activities!

Having a good time went gorge walking today. Caitlin

Having a great time abseiling , having fun with new friends. Lauren

Having a lovely time gorge walking. Natasha

I love the abseiling I finally conquered my fear of heights!  Monique

I liked the gorge walking this morning and am looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday. Cameron.

I really like Benmore, I’ve met lots of people and I cannot wait to come home. Chloe

Benmore has been great so far, loving all the activiites I’ve done. Cannot wait to get home though 🙂 Shannon

Benmore’s fun, missing you lots. George

Hi, I’m not feeling homesick yet but still cannot wait to get home.Connor

Hello I’ve been doing some abseiling, I was scared at first then went for it! Joshua

The rock climbing and abseiling was great. I can’t wait to see everyone at school again on Friday. Louie

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