Pupil Parliament

The post which follows is snatched from our Pupil Parliament page. As we have a Pupil Parliament taking place on¬†Wednesday¬†this week, and as you may not have yet found your way to the Pupil Parliament page, here’s a taster to let you see what it’s all about.


Pupil Parliament has been an important part of our school for a number of years. All pupils in P1-7 are members and they meet every 6 weeks. Each child has chosen to belong to one of three working groups. The remit of each working group was chosen by the children at the start of this session. The working groups are:

  • Working and learning with others (chaired by Miss Hutchison)
  • Outdoor Opportunities (chaired by Mr Devereux)
  • Fundraising (chaired by Mrs Overmeer)

The Pupil Parliament is not just an exercise in learning about democracy, although we hope it teaches that. It is also an agent for change. The decisions of each group will result in real action. Clearly we are limited by our school budget and time factors, but we want to do whatever we can to encourage our pupils to make improvements to the school.

We also have a number of other pupils who have special responsibility. These include:

Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs): Courtney and Emma

House Captains and Vice Captains:

  • Peffer House – Robbie (House Captain) and Ruairidh (Vice Captain)
  • Pendrachan – Lily (House Captain) and Holly (Vice Captain)

When do meet? Here are the dates for this session:

  • Wednesday 3rd September
  • Wednesday 16th September
  • Wednesday 5th November
  • Wednesday 7th January
  • Wednesday 25th February
  • Wednesday 22nd April
  • Wednesday 3rd June


At our very first meeting the whole school worked in three groups, deciding what our priorities for the year should be. To help them, the youngsters used the same scheme the staff use for testing the quality of our school: it’s called ‘How Good is our School?’. On 16th September each group fed back their ideas and we were then able to narrow down the list of 14 items to 9. Next the children took a vote to establish the three main priorities. We all decided that teachers would work on some of the priorities. The rest would be tackled by chidren, with support from staff.

The pupils took a vote on the following priorities to establish their top three for this year:

  • Invite more visitors into school, work with the village more, involve our nursery and other schools more, and finally to investigate the possibility of a school pet. (36 votes)
  • Have suggestion boxes in each class (teacher priority)
  • Create more opportunities for outdoor learning, to look at creating our outdoor classroom and to improve the outdoor environment for learning (22 votes)
  • Have more personal topics and opportunities to learn in pairs (teacher priority)
  • Organise ore fundraising activities over the year for our school and other organisations, linked in to whole school events and possibly whole school trips. (28 votes)
  • Have more opportunities to work with food. (teacher priority)
  • Continue to make improvements to the dining hall. (11 votes)
  • Continue to create opportunities for working in mixed age groups. (5 votes)
  • Look at improving our points and house system as well as improving golden time and certificates. (12 votes)

Once the pupils had agreed the priority for each working group, they then chose which group they would like to belong to.

The next stage was for each working group was to break down their priority into a number of smaller tasks. As the year progresses you will be able to follow what each group is doing by looking at the appropriate page in the Pupil Parliament section of the site.