A visit to Haddington Library

Our topic at Nursery is all about ‘Pirates’ as its Bookweek and we went to visit Haddington Library.
Here are our comments how we enjoyed our visit.
David – “reading Thomas books”
Robert – ” going on the bus, sitting at the back. I pressed the button to make it stop”
Maisie – ” I looked at a book about biscuits”
James – ” I liked drawing the parrot – I called him Joey”
Emma – ” listening to the stories and playing The Treasure game”
Eilidh – ” going to the Library and looking at the books”
Lewis – ” I liked sitting at the back of the bus being high up and looking out the window.”
Isla – ” looking at the pizza book”
Owen – ” going with my friends and playing the Pirate game”
Susie – ” I saw some princess books”

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