Garden and Grounds Day

Many, many thanks to all the mums and family members who came in to help nursery, P1-3 and P4-7. We swept up leaves, shovelled away dirt, planted flowers, weeded and pruned. A special thank you to the team who took on the unenviable task of re-siting and refilling the compost bins. The worms love the bins’ new homes, though the children think they’re a bit pongy at the moment – we still need bags of grass cuttings if anyone if planning to mow their lawn which will help ‘damp down’ the smell. We are very grateful to Anne Robinson, Tesco’s horticulturalist, for spending the whole day with us, and to Tescos for their kind donation of shrubs and bedding plants. Thanks also to Sam Ranscombe (countryside ranger) and Stuart MacPherson (biodiversity officer) for their advice and practical help. Hopefully everyone who lent us gasrdening tools has got them all back.

We have lots of plans for planting the areas which have been cleared to ensure we have colour all year round.

Well done to the members of Pupil Parliament (Outdoor Opportunities Group) for all your suggestions – we hope you’re pleased with the result!

We were rather too busy to take a lot of photos, but here are a few to give you a flavour of the day.