P3/4: The discovery of a mysterious object

The discovery of mysterious object  


Yesterday, Primary 3 and 4 went on an autumn scavenger hunt. The sun was shining and the wellies were on our feet! We walked down the path with our clipboards, looking for all the items on the sheet. 


First, we saw 2 micro lights and a helicopter soaring through the bright blue sky.  Everyone was wondering why they were flying so close together and at the same time. 


Spying in the trees we all looked puzzled. There was something stuck  in the branches. Everyone was curious to find what it was, but was it safe?


Mrs Overmeer decided to phone Mr Brown and ask if it was okay  if one of the children climbed in the tree to pull out the mysterious object. 


We did not know what it was…

We thought it was part of a hot air balloon at first. We then thought it could be fireworks. Some of us thought it was the micro light engine or could it be a time capsule or maybe it had something to do with the army base close by. 


In the afternoon back at school, we opened the ‘thing’. A lot of items were inside, like a letter, glass bottles, a dog picture and many other strange and weird and wonderful things. 


We have been so excited to find something so peculiar!


Primary 3 and 4, Athelstaneford Primary School.