P1-3 Botanic Gardens Trip

We went to the Botanic Gardens and we made some felt and this is a picture of them. (Amber)

We got to make these pictures and we got to learn about the plants and what they are called. (Aniyah)

We drew pictures of plants, some were starry and some were big and some were small. (David)

We drew pictures of plants that lived in the desert, the rainforest and the dinosaur age. (Maisie)

We learned that plants give us oxygen to breathe. (James)

We went outside for our lunch. (Louisa)

A lady (Ginger) told us she would give us a tenner if we could name a food chain that didn’t start with plants. (Emma)

The dinosaur plant house was filled with footprints, fossils, ferns and giant horsetails. (Ritchie)

We went in a rainforest glasshouse and got all hot and wet. (Lewis)

We adopted a leopard

We adopted a leopard. It is called Narva. Narva is named after a river. Thank you for coming to our car wash, you helped us to adopt a leopard. She lives in the far east of Russia. In 2013 the area where Narva lives became part of the Land of the Leopard national park. Narva’s territory contains lots of steep rocky cliffs and caves. Female leopards sometimes use the caves to give birth and raise their young. We know that Narva has raised several litters of cubs.

Written by Murray (P3)

Rainforest planting!!!

On a rainy Monday last week,  Mr Simmcock helped P1-3 to plant ash and oak trees at the Glebe. We have been learning about the loss of trees in rainforests and wanted to plant some new trees. We  also saw the range of fruits and vegetables it is possible to grow locally. Thank you Mr Simmcock and friends!

Car Wash Open on Tuesday 23rd May

P1-3 have been brain storming how they can help to save the rainforests and have decided, amongst other things, that they would like to adopt an animal. They would like to use funds raised from their car-wash business to do this but…they desperately need to wash a few more cars to raise enough money. If you have a dirty car, we are open for business on Tuesday 23rd May in the afternoon!

Cost: £5

Time slots available: 2pm, 2.15pm, 2.30pm, 2.45pm.

Please book a slot at the office if you would like a gleaming car.

Thank you

Mrs Little and P1-3

The Selfish Giant Drama Workshops

P1-3 had two workshops with Drama Specialist, Shonagh Davidson, and French Specialist, Jackie Swan. The children explored events and characters in the ‘Selfish Giant’ story whilst learning French vocabulary linked to the story.

World of Work Week – Workers Wanted!

We are holding a World of Work Week starting on Monday 6th February. Our aim is to raise awareness of the jobs people do and of the qualities needed to do those jobs. We are looking for parents or other members of the community to tell us about their working life. We are especially looking for people who work in a science, technology, maths or engineering field. If you are able to come in, answer a few questions and inspire some young minds please call Mrs Cameron on 01620 880241. Thank you!


Seabird Centre Visitors in P1-3

Thank you very much to Grace and Andrew from the Scottish Seabird Centre for their interesting visit last Thursday. We were very excited to learn about some of the amazing creatures that live in the seas around Scotland. We also heard about the planned new Marine Centre, where we will maybe be learning more about these fascinating creatures in the future! We enjoyed being hands-on as we learned about food chains with masks, games and objects to touch. Thank you to J for persuading his Aunty Grace to come along!



P1-3 RNLI Questions Answered!

Thank you to Sylvia for coming in to speak to P1-3 about working for the RNLI. You answered lots of questions about people who help us at sea. It was fascinating to hear about the history of the RNLI and your experiences too! We plan to use what we have learned to write some rescue stories next week!


Header image credit: By Editor5807 (Own work) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC BY 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Help needed to improve playground fun

Dear Parents,

The playground improvement team are wondering if you have some things to make playtime more fun. We are looking for: car tyres, costumes, wigs, hats, masks, capes, life jackets,  suitcases, wooden planks, guttering,  tarpaulins, pegs and bungee ropes.

If you have any spare time, please could you also help us take some things to the tip to tidy up our playground? We are looking to get rid of 2 old tables, 3 bookcases and a pallet. If you can help with this please see Mrs Little.

From the Playground Team

Header Photo Credit: https://playgroundology.wordpress.com/category/loose-parts/