P3/4 finished their block of measuring length by creating questions related to length about the park. They included the height of the monkey bars, the perimeter of the roundabout and the length of the chains on the swing. They then had to work together and choose the correct equipment for each questions such as a trundle wheel to measure the perimeter of the park.

Old fashioned games

P1/2 went outside on Wednesday to play old fashioned games after looking at old photographs. We had a can which had four sticks on top. One person knocked it all over with a ball. Then the person who was the catcher had to try and catch all the others by touching them with the ball while they tried to put the can and sticks back up. It was a good game.

Into the microphone

P1/2 went to Joel’s house to learn about sounds. Mr Begg showed us some musical instruments such as the auto harp.He made sounds with unusual things like a frying pan and a ball. Zoe thought this sounded like a frog. He recorded us singing “My dog is a good dog” but we did not sing all together so we tried “Three craws”. That was much better. Then we recorded us making crow sounds and Mr Begg put them through the computer onto a keyboard. When Ruby hit the key board Louisa’s voice came up making crow noises. Then he made it go high and fast. We then could hear our singing with different cow noises in the background. Zoe and Charlotte liked that part best. Angus liked Mr Begg playing the piano. Joel, Amy and Eva liked the instrument that Joel blew into.

We would all like to thank Mr Begg for this unique experience.


P1/2 have been exploring sound. They have worked together to carry out experiments to find out about pitch and have made their own pan pipes.


debate 004
debate 005
P3/4 held their first debate on Friday. The motion was “Children should do chores.” I wonder who would have convinced you to vote with them.

Making toast

P1/2 made toast as part of their topic yesterday. First they washed their hands and the table. Next they got everything set up and put the bread in the toaster. They counted to 30 and put the toast on their plate. Then they spread butter and jam on it. Finally they ate it! They thought it was delicious.
Unfortunately they had to tidy up after themselves.

Commonwealth games


The challenges have started! Yesterday the school were given their first challenge and are working in vertical groups from P1 to P7 to complete it. Nursery pre-schoolers will join in with some of the tasks later. Everyone was very excited and worked well together.



P1/2 have been learning about their senses and explored taste by guessing what the liquids were.


Primary 3/4
have been doing angles frist we found angles in the class then we went outside.

Findlay thought it was good.

Maja like it when we went outside.

Ziggy thought it was fun.