Hello from Benmore

Hello from Benmore, very slow internet connection here but we’ll try our best! Children having a fantastic week packed with lots of wet, muddy activities!

Having a good time went gorge walking today. Caitlin

Having a great time abseiling , having fun with new friends. Lauren

Having a lovely time gorge walking. Natasha

I love the abseiling I finally conquered my fear of heights!  Monique

I liked the gorge walking this morning and am looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday. Cameron.

I really like Benmore, I’ve met lots of people and I cannot wait to come home. Chloe

Benmore has been great so far, loving all the activiites I’ve done. Cannot wait to get home though 🙂 Shannon

Benmore’s fun, missing you lots. George

Hi, I’m not feeling homesick yet but still cannot wait to get home.Connor

Hello I’ve been doing some abseiling, I was scared at first then went for it! Joshua

The rock climbing and abseiling was great. I can’t wait to see everyone at school again on Friday. Louie

New Playground Equipment

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On Tuesday we had a grand opening for our new playground equipment. The pupils have been waiting for two years and were extremely excited when it came. Parents came in to witness the fantastic opening of the incredible equipment where the youngest and oldest child cut the red ribbon to start the ceremony. Everyone got at least two go’s on the new equipment and it was extremely fun we can’t wait to play with it at break and lunch.

Caitlin and Monique