Easter Egg Hunt

Today p6/7 organised an orienteering easter egg hunt in the playground for P4/5. We had to read the maps and discover the coloured eggs. When we had collected the eggs they spelt a word.
‘It was a very interesting orienteering session’ Alasdair
‘I learnt out what stamina is’ Rachel
‘I learnt how to read a map’ Toby
‘I learnt that we had to follow the map because there are lots of pathways in the playground’ Heather
‘I thought it was really good how everybody was getting together and doing a good job’ Jasmine

Saving the rainforests

picture courtesy of oceonwide.com

In class we have been finding out information about the rainforest.  We have discovered that the Rainforest have been getting cut down.

It makes us feel sad. Keep looking at the blog for how we can help theRainforests.  

Toby   Emma

Being different

At assembly we listened to the story of Elmer.  Elmer wanted to be unique and different.  We learned how sometimes it’s good to be different.

Making a birthday cake

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We made a birthday cake for our UNICEF 21st birthday of the rights of the child. Mrs Richardson helped us with weighing out our ingredients. We had to calculate how long the cake would take to bake by counting the minutes on the clock.

Spooky news from p3/4/5

This week p3/4/5 wrote really spooky stories. We drew our characters first and then wrote our stories. We used Wow words in our sentences, a wow word is for example cautiously because it describes what they did.  I felt really excited listening to everyones’ stories, it was really fun to hear what everyone had written Mackenzie

I felt really scared when everyone read out their stories”  Before we wrote our spooky stories we met the character Violet Vocabulary. Kiana

On Monday we a piper visiting the school. He came in to teach p5-7 how to play the chanter. We did all the notes and we did the Grace note. Alasdair

Yesterday we were singing a song about James and the Giant peach. We are going to Gullane primary to sing it with Aberlady, Dirleton and Gullane. Robbie

This week we started learning about children’s rights. We talked about the differences between wants and needs. Finlay

Today Iain Gray MSP visited our school to talk about the Scottish Parliament.

Learning about Citizenship

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We had a visitor at Athelstaneford primary school she was called Fiona O donnell. She was the MP for East Lothain and came from Londons houses of parliment.Her job was to listen to our views.She said that parliament was a very big building.


Learning about African Culture


This week  a man called mr Amu came to talk to us about African culture.He taught us how to draw african pictures. Afterwards he played the drums and taught us a song.The song goes like this …….. ha mmmmmmmmm ha mmmmmmmmmmmm ha mmmmmmmmm.

by Anna

Where did the Rome get its name from

roman by Philip Martin.com

Today we learnt Rome timelines.Rome got its name from romulus.The boys were raised by a wolf! A shepered found the boys they were called romulus & remus.Romulus & Remus were re-united with there father.The boys had a fight untull Remus layed dead.Rome got its name from Romulus the king.


What would Athelstaneford & p3/4/5like to learn about the Romans?

Where did they live?

How did the Roman’s tell the time? Heather, Callum & Toni

Did the Roman’s have swimming pools? Toby & Frazer

What did the Roman’s do when injured? Callum & Ruaridh

Did the Roman’s wear jewelery? Anna, Rachel & Maya

Did the Roman’s have electricity? Finlay & Robbie

When did the Roman’s come to Britain? Lucy, Kiana & Jasmine

Did the Roman’s have pharmacies? Oliver & Mackenzie

Were the Roman soldiers all boys or were there girls too? Emma & Courtney

Did the Roman’s have enemies? Rachel

How many gods did the Romans believe in? Alasdair

What type of houses did the Romans live in? Callum

What kind of animals did the Roman’s use in the Colosseum? Kiana

Did the Roman’s sail boats?

What weapons did the Romans use?

What sort of food did they eat? Emma

Were there beaches where they lived?

Did the Roman’s have toilets? Maya

Did they get married? Calum

Did they have motorbikes? Finlay

How did the Roman’s write?

Did the Roman’s invade East Lothian? Ms Lewis

How did the Roman’s build their roads? Miss Mckinnon

What was the name of the man in charge of building Roman roads? Mrs Cameron

What was the Roman Empire? Miss McKinnon

How far did the Romans get when they invaded Scotland? Mrs Tenant

Why did they invade Scotland? p1/2

Why did the Romans come to Scotland? p6/7

Why did they have a brush effect on their helmets?p 6/7

What kind of food did the Romans eat? nursery

Visit to the mushroom farm

Today we visited a mushroom farm. It was cald the hafland farm it was ner North Berick. It was Callums Grandads farm he was called Neil Paton.

       When we got ther we had to pot ure boots in a tub of watur and a sopy thing so no germs go on a mushroom.  Next Neil took us to a mushroom shed. It was hot and sticky and there was watur every wer.

Then he told us that you cover the compost with peat after planting the seeds.

He took us to another room there were people piking mushrooms. We watched a lady pick the mushrooms and put them in a box.

     Next he took us to a room with a fridg and he sed you need to keep it cold.  Neil sed they send the mushrooms to Edinbru.

Before we went back on the bus we washed our hands.  It was gret fun and we wish we cud go agen.

Alasdiar B & Aaron