P1-3 Botanic Gardens Trip

We went to the Botanic Gardens and we made some felt and this is a picture of them. (Amber)

We got to make these pictures and we got to learn about the plants and what they are called. (Aniyah)

We drew pictures of plants, some were starry and some were big and some were small. (David)

We drew pictures of plants that lived in the desert, the rainforest and the dinosaur age. (Maisie)

We learned that plants give us oxygen to breathe. (James)

We went outside for our lunch. (Louisa)

A lady (Ginger) told us she would give us a tenner if we could name a food chain that didn’t start with plants. (Emma)

The dinosaur plant house was filled with footprints, fossils, ferns and giant horsetails. (Ritchie)

We went in a rainforest glasshouse and got all hot and wet. (Lewis)

More community art

Last week we started our art project with Diana and Emma.

We were given pictures that Vincent Van Gogh drew and had to try and copy them. The pictures we were given were a section from one of his pictures and we had to match them up. When we matched them up it made the full picture.

We had different things to draw it with like charcoal, soft pencils, hard pencils and special pens.

We were given homework which was to draw your house and after that we had to draw a picture of a circle and make it as spikey as possible by adding lumpy bits and spikes.

By Emma and Isla

Here are some photos from this week’s lesson.

Four Seasons Display

On Tuesday this week our whole school, from nursery to P7 worked together to produce a giant wall display of the four seasons. We’ll share pictures of the display when it’s finally finished, but in the meantime here are some pictures of the process. Everyone had a great time!

Community art project

We will shortly have class blogs set up and this post will move to the P4-7 page. In the meantime, here’s a post from P4-7. The children practised lots of new skills during our community art morning. More details to follow! Many thanks to Diana and Emma for giving us such fantastic experiences. Here are some snaps to give you a flavour. Notice the focus and concentration of the young artists!