Nursery’s visit to the Dentist

Our Visit to the Dentist on PhotoPeach
We have been learning all about ‘The Dentist’ at Nursery. James’s daddy is a dentist and he invited us to go along to his dental practice, Newtown Dental Practice in Edinburgh. Mrs Little drove us all in the minibus with our parent helpers and just outside the village we saw a huge buzzard flying over the fields.
James’s daddy and his dental nurse Lyndsay showed us his room and all the equipment he uses. He asked us lots of questions and we were able to answer them. We were taking turns at being patients and dentists too. We even had our own little mirrors to use.
We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Derek, the Dentist, Lyndsay, the Dental Nurse for the ‘dentist bags’ full of interesting things to look at and also to the mummy helpers . We had a lovely time, here are our comments from the trip.
James – I liked when the chair went up and down.
Emma – I used a little mirror that looks at your teeth.
Lewis – You use the timer to help brush your teeth.
Isla – I liked when the chair went up and down. James was my patient.
Maisie – I liked pressing the button to make the chair go up and down.
Robert – I used a mirror, the ‘hoover’, gloves and wore a mask.
David – I got a new timer and a new monkey toothbrush in my bag.
Suzie – My toothbrush is now at home.
Owen – I liked pressing the buttons too.

Our Visit to Knowes Farm Shop by Nursery

At Nursery in the last few weeks we have been learning ‘Where does our food come from?’
We finished off this topic with a visit to Knowes Farm Shop where Ian took us round to show us what he grows there. First he showed us the ducks who lay the eggs they sell, then showed us lots of different vegetables he grows. Before we went back to Nursery we played a matching game all about the different food we wanted to find out about. We had great fun! Thank you Ian for a lovely morning at the farm shop.
Our Visit to a farm shop on PhotoPeach

Our snack cupboard is full!

At Nursery we are continuing with our topic “farm to fork”. We are learning how money is used to buy our snack so we made a shopping list of what we needed. Mrs Cameron ordered it for us on the computer from Asda and paid for it with the school card. It was delivered yesterday and we then had to check that it was all there. After putting it away,our snack cupboard is full!
Our Shopping on PhotoPeach

The highland cows at Athelstaneford.

At Nursery we have been learning where food comes from and how it grows. This morning we went for a walk to see the highland cows that arrived during the summer holidays. On the way back to Nursery we went in the field where we found some barley that hadn’t been cut by the combine harvester and some bramble bushes. Some of us liked them them some of us didn’t! Then we finished our walk off with a play in the park. A great morning!
A visit to see Highland Cows on PhotoPeach