P1-3 Botanic Gardens Trip

We went to the Botanic Gardens and we made some felt and this is a picture of them. (Amber)

We got to make these pictures and we got to learn about the plants and what they are called. (Aniyah)

We drew pictures of plants, some were starry and some were big and some were small. (David)

We drew pictures of plants that lived in the desert, the rainforest and the dinosaur age. (Maisie)

We learned that plants give us oxygen to breathe. (James)

We went outside for our lunch. (Louisa)

A lady (Ginger) told us she would give us a tenner if we could name a food chain that didn’t start with plants. (Emma)

The dinosaur plant house was filled with footprints, fossils, ferns and giant horsetails. (Ritchie)

We went in a rainforest glasshouse and got all hot and wet. (Lewis)

Rainforest planting!!!

On a rainy Monday last week,  Mr Simmcock helped P1-3 to plant ash and oak trees at the Glebe. We have been learning about the loss of trees in rainforests and wanted to plant some new trees. We  also saw the range of fruits and vegetables it is possible to grow locally. Thank you Mr Simmcock and friends!

Exploring the burn

What an interesting morning we had. We explored the habitat of the burn with help of Ranger Sam. It was interesting and fun. We didn’t know there are so many different creatures living in our burn.

Orienteering Event

East Lothian Orienteers – Family Event Sun 26th Feb, 2017
Hedderwick Hill / John Muir Country Park near Dunbar
This is our local very family friendly club
All their events are open to everyone, novices and experts alike. For details:


Thank you & best wishes to you all,

Hanne Robertson
PE Specialist

P1-3 Golden Time

For Golden Time this week Mrs Leith decided to make the most of the sunshine and treated us to a wee trip to the park – we had great fun (even the adults!).
Golden Time at the Park (30/09/15) on PhotoPeach

Lots of activity – lots of photos

Our children have been really busy in the last few weeks, especially outdoors: P1/2 had a woodland adventure, P3 had a hillwalk and an afternoon on the beach and P7 was at Dounans camp for a week. There are lots of lovely photos on our blogs to give you a flavour.

P4-7 has just come back from 24 hours of adventure, including a hillwalk and an overnight stay in Blinkbonny Woods – checkout the P4-7 blog to see what they got up to.

Not to be outdone, the nursery class will shorty be going on some exciting days out with our local ranger.

Garden and Grounds Day

Many, many thanks to all the mums and family members who came in to help nursery, P1-3 and P4-7. We swept up leaves, shovelled away dirt, planted flowers, weeded and pruned. A special thank you to the team who took on the unenviable task of re-siting and refilling the compost bins. The worms love the bins’ new homes, though the children think they’re a bit pongy at the moment – we still need bags of grass cuttings if anyone if planning to mow their lawn which will help ‘damp down’ the smell. We are very grateful to Anne Robinson, Tesco’s horticulturalist, for spending the whole day with us, and to Tescos for their kind donation of shrubs and bedding plants. Thanks also to Sam Ranscombe (countryside ranger) and Stuart MacPherson (biodiversity officer) for their advice and practical help. Hopefully everyone who lent us gasrdening tools has got them all back.

We have lots of plans for planting the areas which have been cleared to ensure we have colour all year round.

Well done to the members of Pupil Parliament (Outdoor Opportunities Group) for all your suggestions – we hope you’re pleased with the result!

We were rather too busy to take a lot of photos, but here are a few to give you a flavour of the day.