Lost in the woods!

For the last year P5/6/7 have been keeping an achievement chart to keep a record of class points. About a month ago, we reached the top of our chart for our good class behaviour and hard work. As a class, we decided to have a big reward for our hard work and we all agreed on a trip to Yellowcraigs adventure park and beach.
We met up with two Rangers called Laura and Vicky and they explained about the orienteering and problem solving tasks which we were going to do.They gave each of the three groups an egg to carry with us to be used for the final task! They had already set up four challenges that we had to find and complete. For each problem we had fifteen minutes to find the challenge and solve it.
The first challenge was to get down to the beach and fill a container and make the object inside float to the top. But there was a catch, the container had holes in it!
The second challenge was to get from one side of an imaginary marsh to the other without touching the ground. We were provided with three crates, two wooden planks and two sets of rope. Balance and agility were needed for this and it wasn’t as easy as it looked!
The third challenge was a wildlife questionnaire to test our skills on wildlife and there were twenty-five questions. Most groups were very knowledgeable and were able to answer the questions correctly.
The fourth task was to navigate through the prickly woods, blindfolded. We had to put our right hand on the person in front. Then, with our left hand, we had to hold onto a rope which was attached to the trees and weaved in and out of the bushes and over logs. Communication was essential to complete the task in the given time!
Our final task was to fire an unboiled egg into space, but it had to be protected in a way so that when it was launched up into the air, it was still intact when it fell back down to earth!Two groups used balloons to stop it smashing when it landed.The other group used lots of padding and sellotape but it smashed and became all gooey.
The day was a great experience and luckily the weather was on our side! It was a fantastic class reward!

Sports Day

On Thursday the 14th of June 2007 it was sports day in Athelstaneford Primary School. In the races each primary class raced against each other.So this year it was quite different. There were two teams called Peffer and Pendrachan. I was in Peffer and so was my sister Jill. It was amazing when we heard who had won. Mr Grieve said the winner began with a P and the second letter is E and the last letter is R so it is PEFFER!! Before we did all the races we did some little courses. The green cones showed that the Pendrachans lined up behind them. The yellow cones were for the Peffer people to line up behind. Jasmine Coppinger liked doing the egg and spoon race and the sack race. She also liked doing the running race. Jasmine is in Pendrachan and that meant that I was competing against her.

By Samantha

A report about the book fair

It was called Scholastic book fair and there were lots and lots of books. It was to try to make reading fun. There were lots of books like story books, quiz books, non fiction books, sticker books and lots of other books . I bought two books and they were a Doctor Who sticker book and How to speak dragonese. I think two book clubs a year is enough. I like the book fairs because it makes me want to read more.

By Harry

Interactive whiteboard

On Friday the 8th of June my class P34 needed to move into the hall because we are getting an interactive whiteboard. So far they have done this, they have got the projector and hung it from the roof. It is really exciting because you will be able to touch the screen with a special pen. We are looking forward to doing exciting things on it .

By Natasha