Health Week

We have had a super week at school and we all felt very healthy and fit as a result.  We had a sponsored walk on Friday 18th May and have raised approximately £500 – which is tremendous.  Many parents joined us and it was  a lovely community event.  During the week of 21st May we had many exciting activities – bowling, athletics, dance, karate, basic moves, relaxation, aerobics as well as partaking in the Rugby festival.  All the children enjoyed fruit and vegetable tasting – our thanks to Mrs McBain.  We are sorry that the P7s missed all the fun this week – they were at Benmore but they had great fun too, with lots of activities.  It is good to have them back!

The P3/4s are creating a display showing photos of our activities which will be in display in the hall.  Please pop in and see it.

P3/4 assembly

P3/4 chose to do an assembly about endangered animals. They made posters and pictures and found information. They also made up a play and created animal masks to use in it. One group used their I.T. skills to produce a slide show. They then used the projector to show it to the rest of the school. They even made up their own words to create a new song about endangered animals. Ben was a fantastic compere and made sure everything ran smoothly. dscf0151.jpg

P1 and 2

Our next animation was created by Alasdair M., Beth and Aaron. It is about a fox and deer chase, where the fox is chasing the deer but the deer gets away. They wanted scary sounds in the background. We hope you like it.

P1/2 News

We have been investigating the pond. We have found –
a newt




water beetles and snails. The depth of the pond is 40cm. We have been doing this because Tobermory School asked us about the pond. Please see the link on the right hand side of this page if you want to follow our project.
Primary 1 and 2

P3/4 Personal Projects

P3/4 have been doing a personal project and have been allowed to choose whatever they want to learn about. Natasha’s is about dog agility, Emily’s is about nature, Samantha’s is about wild cats, Louie’s is about archery, Nicholas has been finding out about the Second World War, Cameron’s is about oceans, Niamh’s is about food, Angus is finding out about ancient Egypt, Chloe’s is about jewellery, Connor’s is about the human body, Rebecca’s is about drums, Monique’s is about predators, Joshua’s is about football, Lewis is finding out about Beamish, Rory’s is on Spain, Harry’s is about planets, Lauren is finding out about dogs and horses, Caitlin’s is about cats, Zoe is also finding out about wild cats and others, Amy is finding out about recycling and Ben’s is about Romans.

If you have any questions about these topics please let us know.

Red Nose Day

We had great fun in the school, dressing up, getting our faces painted, having competitions. It was great fun and we made £18.63 for comic relief – which is GREAT!!!! Hope you enjoy our photos.



P3/4 topic

Dragons P3/4 have done a topic about castles. This is some of the art work that they have done. To make these fierce dragons they have used pastels, colouring pencils, paint and collage. Which is your favourite dragon??????