A report about the book fair

It was called Scholastic book fair and there were lots and lots of books. It was to try to make reading fun. There were lots of books like story books, quiz books, non fiction books, sticker books and lots of other books . I bought two books and they were a Doctor Who sticker book and How to speak dragonese. I think two book clubs a year is enough. I like the book fairs because it makes me want to read more.

By Harry

Interactive whiteboard

On Friday the 8th of June my class P34 needed to move into the hall because we are getting an interactive whiteboard. So far they have done this, they have got the projector and hung it from the roof. It is really exciting because you will be able to touch the screen with a special pen. We are looking forward to doing exciting things on it .

By Natasha

The visit from Mr Gilmour and Mr Maclntosh

On Tuesday we had a visit from Mr Maclntosh and Mr Gilmour.They were talking about making games. But first we were brainstorming ideas for games. One idea was a number game also maze games with a challenge.Then Mr Maclntosh took out a Nintendo-DS. He had a game that helped you with your maths. After that Mr Maclntosh showed us a game called Myst. That game was a tour game. It showed a journey to help with writing ideas.
After that he showed Pong which was on a Scratch game.
Then he showed us how to make that game. He showed us another game on Scratch which was called Surf Taco3 and then he showed us how to make that one too.
We had a poll which is a vote. We were voting for Nintendo-DS,Tour games and Scratch games. It said play or make beside all the games. The votes were 4 for playing the Nintendo-DS and 4 for make, 7 for Scratch and 8 for Tour games. They are coming back after the summer to help us make these games and we will post them on the web page for everyone to play.
From Zoe.

Health Week

I think that the health week was a good idea because it got every one moving and the teachers joined in. The people who came in were so so helpful especially Mrs Kay because she came in about three times. Also on Friday she did aerobics with us and on Tuesday she did some athletics with p3/4. The hole school did some hip hop street dancing with two people called Mrs B and Miss Ross they looked alot like Mother and Daughter butb they weren’t. They did alot of COOL mooves with us and after that at home I was saying look at theese realy COOL mooves. But Mum just said you have already shown me them and yes i think they are very cool and I wish I was youg unuf to do them. Health week is the BEST. By Samantha.


PC Gunn came into talk to p3/4 and told us about vandalism.He told us that it affects everyone including the police,children, and adults.It affects the police because they have to sort it out. It affects children because they will feel sad if it’s badly damagedand it spoils their play. It affects adults because they have to pay their taxes and give it to the council.
If you see someone vandalising you would have to tell an adult who you know not a stranger.

Health Week

We have had a super week at school and we all felt very healthy and fit as a result.  We had a sponsored walk on Friday 18th May and have raised approximately £500 – which is tremendous.  Many parents joined us and it was  a lovely community event.  During the week of 21st May we had many exciting activities – bowling, athletics, dance, karate, basic moves, relaxation, aerobics as well as partaking in the Rugby festival.  All the children enjoyed fruit and vegetable tasting – our thanks to Mrs McBain.  We are sorry that the P7s missed all the fun this week – they were at Benmore but they had great fun too, with lots of activities.  It is good to have them back!

The P3/4s are creating a display showing photos of our activities which will be in display in the hall.  Please pop in and see it.

P3/4 assembly

P3/4 chose to do an assembly about endangered animals. They made posters and pictures and found information. They also made up a play and created animal masks to use in it. One group used their I.T. skills to produce a slide show. They then used the projector to show it to the rest of the school. They even made up their own words to create a new song about endangered animals. Ben was a fantastic compere and made sure everything ran smoothly. dscf0151.jpg