My Lunch Cafe Story

I was doing the serving at our Peruvian Lunch Cafe! We were doing it to raise money for a charity called The Vine Trust. The nursery parents came first and it was hard serving them. I was to be given the money by the people to get in and give them the type of sandwich that they wanted, Alistair (Howdy,smallal) was to take their order of soup (lentil or tomato) and go get it and Lauren (Howdy,nonny) was to take their drink order (tea, coffee or juice)! Then the school bell rang! We all knew this would be a RUSH HOUR!!!!!In not even a minute everyone charged in! Parents, children and babies rushed in, all trying to get their, food sit down and chat with their friends (expect for the babies!) It was sooooo hard trying to keep them happy, the noise burst our eardrums and it was getting hard to concentrate! At last it was over. We finally got some lunch so we sat back and relaxed! After our lunch (a very quick lunch!) we got a chance to buy some gifts at the Peru shop then we all tried to escape doing the washing up. I looked around. A lot was going on. My friend, Jordan (Howdy,swanieboy) was doing a number grid (and a bet at the same time to sell all the squares!) and Hamish (Howdy,kingboy) was interviewing some parents!!!!! I bought a Peruvian peg doll, a bookmark and five number grid squares! Soon everything calmed down…well kind of!!!!!!!!! In the kitchen it was a struggle! Everyone was tripping over each other trying to help, the parent helpers were trying to wash the cooking equipment and some people were asking if they could help! At last someone came to pick up my brother and I. When I was in the car, heading home I was relieved to get away from all that noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Lunch Cafe

cafe-2.jpgAt our Lunch Cafe my job was trying to sell all the squares on the Number Grid. I had a bet with a friend that I could sell all the squares before the end. I WON! Well that was pretty obvious. I’m a great Sales Person!

Lunch Cafe

My job was to serve soup for the PTA Lunch Cafe. Other people served rolls, flapjacks, chocolate brownies and drinks. When the school parents came and children came I had a long ling of people to serve. Kerry(horsey hooves) served rolls, Emily(hammy2) served treats and fruit while Lauren(tangorg) served drinks.

Our Racing Cars

Primary 1 and 2 had great fun making a short animation film about a racing car.  The whole school watched it, TWICE!!!  It took them half an hour to make the film and less that a minute to show it!!!  They are now working on group projects for animation and we are really looking forward to seeing the results.