World Book Day Challenges


World Book Day Challenges

Happy World Book Day to everyone! We hope you are all having a lovely World Book Snow Day. I’m sure we will all remember World Book Day 2018!

Here are a some fun challenges that you can take part in for World Book Day whilst at home. We would love to hear about what activities you are taking part in – Please feel free to tweet us


to let us know and if you can, include a little photograph too! These would be lovely to share when we go back to school.

  • What is your favourite book?
  • Can you create a new front cover for your book?
  • Can you try and make some stick puppets for the characters in your book and use these to retell the story to someone at home?
  • Can you create a new bookmark?
  • Can you complete a book review for your favourite book?
  • Can you create your favourite character out of snow?


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