World Book Day Challenges


World Book Day Challenges

Happy World Book Day to everyone! We hope you are all having a lovely World Book Snow Day. I’m sure we will all remember World Book Day 2018!

Here are a some fun challenges that you can take part in for World Book Day whilst at home. We would love to hear about what activities you are taking part in – Please feel free to tweet us


to let us know and if you can, include a little photograph too! These would be lovely to share when we go back to school.

  • What is your favourite book?
  • Can you create a new front cover for your book?
  • Can you try and make some stick puppets for the characters in your book and use these to retell the story to someone at home?
  • Can you create a new bookmark?
  • Can you complete a book review for your favourite book?
  • Can you create your favourite character out of snow?


It’s now so easy to find activities for young people with additional support needs!

Are you ready to Get Connected?

Get Connected is a website that helps you find local sport, art and youth groups in East Lothian.

  • Find accessible activities on the Get Connected MAP
  • Watch VIDEOS of what local kids have been up to
  • Meet your ‘Get Connected’ CHAMPIONS which are organisations that champion inclusion in your community

Get started and find loads of fun activities today!

We also have a Facebook and Twitter where we upload loads of useful info too.

If you do any cool activities already, let us know with the #getconnectedELC hashtag! We’d love to share your pics and videos.



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How do I know if my child is eligible for free school meals?
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