Thank you!!

All because of the hardworking parent council and school staff, the p7s got an amazing day out which will be remembered for years to come. First we went on the high obstacle course above the water where nerves were eventually defeated and there was lots of giggling and smiling faces. We moved on to the Ringo ride which was terrifyingly amazing and fast!!! “It was one of the best trips we had during primary school and we really can’t thank everyone enough not just for the fox lake trip but also for making our childhood one to remember, it was great fun getting to know the teacher’s other side and we can’t thank you enough, a great ending to primary school” – so THANK YOU from all the P7s.

P1-3 Botanic Gardens Trip

We went to the Botanic Gardens and we made some felt and this is a picture of them. (Amber)

We got to make these pictures and we got to learn about the plants and what they are called. (Aniyah)

We drew pictures of plants, some were starry and some were big and some were small. (David)

We drew pictures of plants that lived in the desert, the rainforest and the dinosaur age. (Maisie)

We learned that plants give us oxygen to breathe. (James)

We went outside for our lunch. (Louisa)

A lady (Ginger) told us she would give us a tenner if we could name a food chain that didn’t start with plants. (Emma)

The dinosaur plant house was filled with footprints, fossils, ferns and giant horsetails. (Ritchie)

We went in a rainforest glasshouse and got all hot and wet. (Lewis)

We adopted a leopard

We adopted a leopard. It is called Narva. Narva is named after a river. Thank you for coming to our car wash, you helped us to adopt a leopard. She lives in the far east of Russia. In 2013 the area where Narva lives became part of the Land of the Leopard national park. Narva’s territory contains lots of steep rocky cliffs and caves. Female leopards sometimes use the caves to give birth and raise their young. We know that Narva has raised several litters of cubs.

Written by Murray (P3)

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