Primary 1/2 try new sports

I liked bowling the best because I got a shot of rolling the big bowls. Fraser p1

I liked bowling because I got to throw nearest to the jack. Maya p1

I liked running between the cones and scoring a try in rugby. I liked it when I won one time in bowling. Mackenzie p1

 I liked the bowling today I liked rolling and going the other side and stopping the balls going off the carpet. Heather p1

dscf0165.JPG       bowling.JPG   dscf0171.JPG  dscf0169.JPG

Fitness Testing

Primary 3-7 have been learning how to test their fitness today. We have been testing our cardio-vascular ability by running, our flexibility by seeing how far we can reach and our strength by doing sit-ups. A big thank you to Mrs Kaye for helping us all learn about how we can improve our fitness.

dscf0157.JPG      dscf0162.JPG    dscf0164.JPG

‘Wic-ked’ moves from P1,2,3!

The rain didn’t put Primary 1/2 off 8 more laps for the 10-Mile Challenge!

balanced-meal.JPGWe learnt about a healthy balance of food types, lots of fruit and vegetables, bread, pasta, but not many sweets and treats! Marjorie told us that in Canada, they are expected to eat 7 pieces of fruit and vegetable, and in Australia they are expected to eat 9 pieces of fruit and veg each day!
We learnt some cool moves in Dance!


When the dentist came

dental.JPG   On Monday the dentist came. She showed us some things that we had to use to brush our teeth properly. I understoood perfectly we had a squirty dog on the table. She had a big toothbrush and a mirror on a metal stick. she was nis she expland very good I was happy. by Duncan in p3. 

The dentist

When the dentist came she told us to brush around in circles not up and down when we are brushing our teeth. She brought a dog that squirted water at us.


Healthy Living

healthy-meal_tcm21-38557.jpg   Today Miss shepherd came into school. She showed us a plate of un-healthiy and healthy things. I learnt that I shouldn’t eat too many biscuits.

 It was fun.

by Joshua

Today Mrs Shepherd showed us what is healthy and what is not. Fruit and vegetables are very healthy.  But you can have a little treat sometimes.

By Alasdair


The Start of Health Week for Primary 1 and 2!

Primary 1 and 2 had a busy ‘healthy’ day. Our day began with a visit from Carol, the Dental Hygienist, who taught us how to look after our teeth. dscf0137.JPG

We began our ’10 mile challenge’ and we hope to walk/ run at least 5 miles this week!
We enjoyed ‘Basic Moves’ and practised different throws.
We wrote about something healthy or active for our weekend news.

Learning about looking after our teeth

On Monday morning the Dental Hygienist came in to explain how you can look after your mouth. She told us that it is important to look after your teeth and gums. If you don’t look after your teeth and gums you would have to get fake teeth when you’re older and if you took them out you would not be able to speak properly. If a drink or snack ingredients don’t say sugar spelt s-u-g-a-r it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have sugar. There are hundreds of ways you can write sugar. Usually it has “ose” at the end of the word e.g. glucose

I learnt that a fuit shoot has 9 spoonfulls of sugar in it and a can of coke has 7. It would be better to drink water. If you have to drink a sugary drink you should have it at a meal time.

by Jill and Fraser