Expedition to Blinkbonny Woods

Here are some photos to give you a taster of some of the many adventures we had at Blinkbonny, including:

  • Making an emergency shelter with a Landrover, a tarpaulin and some string
  • Jungle bashing
  • Climbing to nearly 2000 feet up Lammer Law, the second highest hill in the Lammermuir Hills
  • Pitching tents and stringing hammocks
  • Lighting a camp fire
  • Preparing and eating a meal
  • Toasting marshmallows
  • Trying to sleep
  • Cooking breakfast
  • Striking camp
  • Playing ballaram

3 thoughts on “Expedition to Blinkbonny Woods”

  1. Thanks so much for those. It gives an idea of what they got up to as I didn’t get much info out of my 2!

  2. These photos are fab. A massive thank you to Mr Devereux and Mrs Overmeer for being so game. It looks like it was a very memorable experience. The only thing Maja was disappointed about was that she didn’t get to hear your ghost stories round the camp fire Mr Devereux!

  3. Well done to everyone, teachers and children. Oliver enjoyed yet another list of 1sts.

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