Connected Learning Network (CLN) goes live at @PLHS

Now that the secondary school wireless networks have been modernised with the installation of the Connected Learning Networks over the summer, Preston Lodge has been creating some useful guidance.

East Lothian Secondary Schools now offer wireless learning for all young people. This means that young people can use school or personal devices to access a very wide range of learning materials online. This new opportunity creates important new responsibilities for young people.

Embedding Vimeo Videos: Active East Lothian

Did you know you can easily embed videos from the Vimeo video-sharing web site on eduBuzz WordPress sites?

All you need to do is post the video’s URL, on a line by itself, where you want the embedded video to appear. Use the Text editor tab when you paste in the video’s URL: the Visual editor will automatically turn it into a link, but we don’t want that.

Your post should look like this:




Get Your Head Round Scratch – in Under 2 Minutes

catLearning to make a computer do what you want – known as programming or coding – is notoriously tricky. That’s why the people at MIT developed Scratch, a program to enable children to start learning, using the same approach as building Lego models.  This video provides an excellent overview of what it can do, and how it works.

You’ll find Scratch is installed on school computers, and can also now be used in a browser from the web site.

Featured image by Torriano Junior School.

Knox Academy Tots and Teens: an in-school pre-nursery

Knox Academy
Knox Academy

Haddington’s Knox Academy has, for the past two years, been running Tots and Teens, an innovative in-school pre-nursery staffed partly by secondary students.

The students will typically complete 39 hours work experience, providing an opportunity to develop a range of skills including working independently, communicating and taking responsibility. A qualification is earned, from Edinburgh College, for successful completion of the course.

This short video has been made by the award-winning Knox Kid Witness News students to enable others to learn from the Knox experience of running this new development. You can read a more detailed report on the Knox Academy web site.