N4 Administration & IT

The course will be delivered in blocks of learning to gain experience in the following areas of study: desktop publishing, presentations, Excel, Access, word processing, internet searching, use of e-mail and e-diary. Roughly one period a week will be reserved for the teaching of theory. Primarily students will work individually through tasks developed to enhance their IT skills in the areas of study identified. Work produced will be marked regularly and individual feedback provided to highlight areas of development. On an ad hoc basis students will be given the opportunity to work collaboratively to mark pieces of work to further enhance their knowledge of what is required for each area of study and their proof reading skills. Theory teaching may take the form of students researching the required information and presenting it in a form of their choice. There is further opportunity to produce work collaboratively. Students may also be asked to take down theory notes, participate in classroom discussions and complete tasks that look for them to apply their knowledge to examples from real life working environments.

The 3 units that students will cover:

  • Administrative Practices
  • IT Solutions for Administrators
  • Communication in Administration


Students must pass all 4 units in order to achieve the course award. All units are assessed internally. Students will undertake practical administration and IT based tasks to organise and support a small-scale event(s).

Progression/Career Opportunities

Some students go in to employment with developed administrative and IT skills enabling them to contribute to the effective functioning of organisations. For students who are staying on in school they can progress to National 5 Administration and IT.

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