N5 Business Management

The course presents a variety of opportunities for pupils to make their own decisions about their learning and choose what fits best for them. For example, students are able to choose how they present their work in class. The course lends itself well to group work and project style work which the students will also be engaged in. There are however, opportunities for students to work individually and improve their independency also. Contact with outside businesses is something that pupils will enjoy and they will get to experience real businesses in action. Case studies, business games and ICT will all play a prominent part throughout students learning.

The 3 units that students will cover:

  • Understanding Business
  • People and Finance
  • Marketing and Operations


Students will have one external final exam that is worth 75% of their overall grade. There is also an added value unit (project) that is worth 25%.

Progression/Career Opportunities

Some students go in to employment with the knowledge of how a business works and what is needed to be successful. Other students go in to the financial, banking and retail sectors to name but a few. Some students also go on and study business at college or gain apprenticeships. For students who are staying on in school they can progress to Higher Business Management.

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