Higher Economics

The course presents a variety of opportunities for pupils to make their own decisions about their learning and what is best for them. For example, students are able to choose how they present their work in class are given choices to work individually and with peers. The course lends itself well to research with the opportunity to relate the content covered in class to the real world. The use of ICT, through websites and software packages, is actively encouraged to aid learning and for revision purposes.

The 3 units that students will cover:

  • Economics of the Market
  • UK Economic Activity
  • Global Economic Activity


Students will have one external final exam that is worth 70% of their overall grade. There is also an assignment (project) that is worth 30%.

Progression/Career Opportunities

Economics is an excellent qualification for anyone interested in the business or finance world and can lead to a number of opportunities. Some students will go into employment with the understanding of how an economy works and the position of individual businesses and industries within it.

Any student who studies a business related course at college or university will complete units on Economics and they will be better prepared for these through studying Higher Economics in school.

Graduates can be found pursuing careers in the following areas:

Accounting, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Law, Civil Service, Retail Management

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