S1 Curriculum

Course Introduction

In S1 all pupils follow a course in ICT.  It is delivered by teachers in Business Education and Computing and pupils receive one period a week.

The course aims to develop each pupils ICT skills to ensure that each individual can make good use of these skills within other subject areas.

Pupils undertake regular self and peer assessment as well as carrying out whole class presentations. Regular homework will be allocated usually one peice per unit to consolidate work covered in class.

ICT Skills

Pupils will learn how to use the following applications throughout the year:

Word Processing

Students are introduced to the essential skill of word processing. They are given the opportunity to create letters, memorandums and itineraries. Students are also shown how to insert graphics and create tables.


Students are shown the basic parts of a spreadsheet including cells, rows and columns. Students are then introduced to basic formulas which are used to calculate numbers in a variety of different ways including adding, subtracting, averaging and finding the minimum and maximum. Students are also taught how to create charts to display numerical information in an understandable and more attractive format.


When covering the topic of databases students will learn about their construction consisting of fields, records and tables. Students will also learn how to search and sort databases tables for specific information.


Students will get the opportunity to create a range of presentations using PowerPoint. They will get to grips with slide layouts, slide designs, transitions and animations effects. Students will also get a chance to present to their peers on a range of topical issues.


When covering e-mail students will be issued with their school e-mail account username and password. Students will then be given the opportunity to login to their account in order to master the basic skills needed to manage an online e-mail account. These skills include sending and receiving e-mails as well as learning how to attach documents to e-mails and setting up their e-mail signature.

Through their email account they will also have to opportunity to set up their own blog which will allow students to reflect on what they have been learning and achieving throughout S1.


Students will use the Internet on a regular basis as a research tool.  They will learn how to best use search engines and extract relevent and meaningful information.


Students will be introduced to the Marketing tool that creates a variety of professional looking documents.  Pupils will use this application to create documents such as menus and calendars.

mmMovie Maker

Students will create and edit videos using this software.  They will learn how to create a basic storyboard using images and sound and apply animation and effects.

animatePI Can Animate

Students will learn how to create simple movie animations with this application.  They will be taken through the process of designing an object and setting it in motion to change shape and size.

comicComic Life

Students will be shown the application Comic Life to create their own comic strips.  They will use elements such as captions, speech bubbles and lettering and apply them to pictures that they have chosen to create a storyboard of.


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