S2 Curriculum

Course Introduction

All pupils in S2 get one period a week in Business Education. The course covers third level experiences and outcomes from both the Social Studies and Technologies curricular areas.

The course is split into two sections to give pupils a taster of courses available further up the school, Administration and IT and Business Management.

Section One: Administration Focused

In the Administration section of our S2 course students build upon the skills they have learnt within S1. Students learn to use a range of software to a more advanced level within the context of setting up a new hotel business.

Section Two: Business Management Focused

In the Business Management section of our S2 course students gain an understanding of why businesses exist, the idea of entrepreneurship, financial planning and functional areas of a business.

Addational Information

The following links will help provide further information on our S2 course.

Timeline Рthis shows in greater detail what pupils will be studying over the course of S2 within the Business Education department.

Personal Learning Plan – this is a blank template of the Personal Learning Plan your child will be filling in electronically throughout the year to track their progress.

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