S3 Curriculum

Course Introduction

In S3 pupils will cover fourth level outcomes from either Social Studies or Technologies depending on whether they choose either Administration and I.T. or Business Management or both as subject preferences at the end of S2. Pupils will progress on to either National 4 or National 5 in their preferred subjects. Lower ability pupils can study subjects at National 3.

Administration and I.T.

By studying Administration and I.T. pupils will be able to gain invaluable I.T. skills that will help them within school, further and higher education and into employment. The course covers all application software, such as Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases, Desk Top Publishing, Presentations, Internet, E-mail and E-diary.   The course also looks at the skills required of certain I.T. jobs as well as looking at how to go about organising an event.

Business Management

Pupils who choose to study Business Management will learn about how people can set-up in business and how to run it effectively. Our aim for pupils who study this subject is to train the next generation of Richard Bransons and Lord Sugars and to give them the skills to set-up their own business or to develop the skills to make them effective managers within business.  In the first term we look at the Marketing function followed after by a look into different types of business organisations and structures.




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