2023-24: Term One Updates

24 08 2023

Welcome to another busy session here at Campie Primary.

We are very excited about the year ahead.

This year our communication strategy is being updated  and we hope that this means that you have all the information you require to ensure your child has the very best experience at school. Together we can support you child to progress and achieve every day.

Head Teacher Updates: Term 1

HT Update 24.08.23

Another busy week at Campie. We continue to be proud of our learners and how well they are embracing the expectations for the year ahead.

HT Update 30082023 and our Attendance Focus Attendance Infographic

Do you know if your child may be eligible for a free school meals

HT Update 14.09.23

School Handbook Consultation: May 2023

10 05 2023

This consultation is to establish if our current handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the main information that any parent/carers requires.

A draft version (without any additional formatting) can be accessed from the link below.

Campie School Handbook April 2023

Please take a few minutes to read the contents and respond via the survey.


Updates and edits will then be made and a more appealing format developed e.g. quotes, photographs and links to additional sources of information.

This will be our start point and we will then seek your views to develop our Communication Strategy next. This will then be an appendix to the Handbook

Thank you in advance for your support.

Term 4 Updates

10 05 2023

Hello everyone

It is the final term of our 2022/23 session and as you can imagine it is as busy as ever!

Here are my HT updates for this term:

HT Update 10.5.23

HT Update 24.5.23

HT Update 7_06_2023

HT Update 21.6.23



Term Three Updates

23 04 2023

Our updates for January to April:

HT Update 11.1.23

HT Update 18012023

HT Update 8.2.23

HT Update 8.3.23

HT Update 29.3.23


Consultation: Parental Engagement Strategy

27 03 2023

The Parental Engagement Strategy was launched in 2017 and aims to ensure that all Parents/Carers are encouraged and supported to engage as partners in their children’s learning, and to become involved in the life of the school.  The strategy also ensures that it can continue to build on good practice and create further opportunities for our parents and schools to work together.

There are 6 strands to the strategy and we are seeking responses to evaluate the impact of each of them.

Take survey now

Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts.

Survey closes 31/3/23

Care Inspectorate Report

7 12 2022

There was an unannounced inspection by the Care Inspectorate which took place on 01 November 2022.

The key messages that were shared with us were:

 Children were supported to be confident and curious.
• Children had opportunities for outdoor play for long periods of each day.
• Staff were working on the lunch routine to make it a valuable and enjoyable time for children.
• Children were engaged in their learning and their own learning logs.
• The strategies developed to support children needed to be clearer to enable assessment and the sharing
of progress.
• Some areas of the environment needed further assessment to ensure that it provided a safe, comfy and
cosy place for children.

As always we will continue to focus on improvement and look to build on the feedback we were given. The report can be accessed on our school website.

Campie Inspection Report November 2022



Term Two Updates

6 12 2022


HT Update 5th of October 2022




HT Update 9th November 2022

(This includes a Christmas Calendar of events)

HT Update 23rd November 2022


HT Update 7th December 2022

HT Update 19.12.22

Help With the Cost of Living

6 09 2022


East Lothian have produced a leaflet in recognition that the cost of living is increasing rapidly and prices are rising; this includes energy bills, food, fuel and more. In the leaflet East Lothian has tried to  consolidate information
about financial support available to help ease the cost of living challenges faced by many local households.

Helping with the cost of living crisis_leaflet_Summer 2022

September Update

2 09 2022

Our first update for the month:

HT Update 01092022


September updates:

HT Update 7.9.22

HT Update 15.9.22

more next week . . .

Welcome Back

2 08 2022

We are delighted to be back in school and are ready for a terrific year ahead.

Together we will #achieveeveryday

HT Welcome

HT Update 24th August