P6 Home Learning

Good afternoon!

A reminder that P6S are given weekly spelling homework every Tuesday, due for the following Monday. Pupils are asked to Look, Count, Cover, Write and Check three times and then to complete an active spelling activity. Dojos are rewarded for completed homework with an adult signature.

Reading homework is issued on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, depending on your child’s group. Reading homework is due for the following week (+7 days) and is essential so that we can complete reading activities as a group.

Thank you for your cooperation with this.

Mr. Smart 🙂

Campie Book Day

We’ll be celebrating World/Campie Book Day on Thursday 15th March and we’ll be sharing stories as we’d planned to on Thursday 1st March.

The P7 librarians have practised for our assemblies and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday.

Keep sharing stories!

Talk, talk, talk!

P6S have been analysing fantasy stories and we will be writing our very own stories tomorrow. Our fantasy stories will start in the real world when the hero will be travel into the fantasy world to ultimately defeat the villain!

Please take a few moments this evening to talk about:

  • Your main characters (hero, villain and helper)
    • What P6S-level WOW words are you going to use to describe them?
    • What type of magical powers do they have?
  • Your setting (real world and fantasy)
    • What P6S-level WOW words are you going to use to describe the settings?
    • Remember to think about all of the senses
    • Similes and metaphors
  • Your plot
    • Every good fantasy story has a beginning, a problem, a face-off and a conclusion.

Happy talking!

Campie Bikeability Needs You!

A group of P7s are participating in the Bikeability 1 course at the moment and we are happy that we can offer this to the P6s next term too.

We’d love to be able to offer Bikeability 2 course to our P7s  and to do that we need a couple more trained volunteers.

Are you interested?

If you are please leave your details for Shona Blakely at the school office.

Possible training dates have already been identified and you can say which would suit you best on this doodle poll