Making Ideas Reality in P2/3

The P3s in P2/3 were shocked at how many milk cartons were being thrown away at Campie.

And being the responsible citizens and effective contributors they are they decided to do something about it.

After emailing the council, writing letters, making plans and asking for help… on Friday the first collection of milk cartons were packed up ready to go to the Recycling Centre.

As you can see the bags were taller than us. Imagine if we can send this amount or more every week.

Thanks to all of Campie Community who’ve volunteered to get the cartons to the Recycling Centre. We couldn’t do this without you.

We are making a small change but a BIG difference.


Working Together to Keep Us Safe

A huge Campie welcome to Jack who will be keeping us safe crossing the road outside school from now on. Make sure to say “Hello!”

Here he is meeting the JRSOs, we’ll be working together to spread the road safety message.

Egyptian Pharaoh Drama!

P5L enjoyed exploring the Ancient Egyptian tomb of Tutankhamun today with Drama Specialist Teacher, Shonagh Davidson. They created a human labyrinth full of Egyptian treasures and artefacts, became Egyptian citizens for the Pharaoh and created a freeze frame of the Tomb of Tutankhamun before forming a corridor of thought. It was a very magical afternoon of creative discovery and learning…
Pharaoh Drama! on PhotoPeach

Exploring the World of Construction with P3K and P5L!

P3K and P5L had an exciting and very interactive exploratory learning experience this afternoon when they investigated the STEM – Science, Technology, Maths and Science – construction box that has been on loan to our school as part of a science curriculum initiative. The children worked co-operatively in small teams to build walls, role play different construction jobs, use a trundle wheel for measure as well as look at a variety of books about buildings and create models with small construction kit materials. Everyone was enthused and inspired by the session. We definitely have some budding architects, builders, joiners and chartered surveyors in our midst!
Exploring the World of Construction with P3K and P5L! on PhotoPeach

Happy Book Week Scotland

Happy Book Week Scotland everyone – there’ll be reading in the library at break and lunch every day this week. There’ll be an outdoor, al fresco reading lunch on Thursday… read, read, read!

Take our advice – Be a Bookworm!

Thanks to the P7 librarians and some P4 keen readers for our new library banner. Welldone. #Effective contributors.


Paired Reading with P2 and P5L

P2 and P5L enjoyed a paired reading session with each other today…
Paired Reading with P2 and P5L on PhotoPeach
Next week we are going to explore some of our new non-fiction topic books.