Musselburgh Reading Initiative


A community-wide Reading initiative is being planned for Musselburgh. Schools, families, businesses, community groups, everyone is invited to be involved.

We are all invited to a meeting at Musselburgh East Community Learning Centre on Thursday 8th October at 7.30pm to find out more.

Here is a little more information…

“Reading has been identified as the crucial skill to ensure long term success for our young people (PISA 2002). Both Dunbar and Tranent area have run similar projects which have had a measurable positive effect on children’s reading as shown by the following extract from HMIe Inspection report:

Inspection of the learning community surrounding Dunbar Grammar School, East Lothian Council 9 April 2013

‘Local businesses, sports clubs, libraries, CLD staff, and volunteers, together with staff and partners from Dunbar Primary School work effectively to develop Dunbar Reads Together. The initiative is enthusiastically supported across the town and has had a measurable impact on improving children’s abilities in reading and literacy.’‘

We are at the early stages of planning a similar project for Musselburgh, Whitecraig and Wallyford. Launch date will be March 1st 2016, but there are many exciting details and opportunities to be organised before then. To that end a meeting is planned for Thursday 8th October at 7.30pm in the Musselburgh East Community Learning Centre (MECLC).

Anyone with an interest in these local communities or a desire to support our young people in securing a successful future is invited.”

Please share this information and the details of the meeting with anyone you think might be interested.
Hope to see you there…